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SolSuite Solitaire 2022 22.5

SolSuite Solitaire is a downloadable game for card enthusiasts and those whose passions are all sorts of solitaire card games. The program offers a huge collection of card games. Surely, the player will not be bored because the choice offered, incredible as it sounds, is 700 different patience games, which can be played using 60 different card deck patterns and 300 card back design designs. It is an unimaginable wealth.

How to Download SolSuite Solitaire

To download the free trial version of the program, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The trial has its limitations. Each of the solitaire games available in it has only three predetermined deals. It is therefore much better to buy the full version and have trillions of combinations available. You will also get more card sets, more card back, backgrounds and themes. To get all the goodies it is enough to click Activate and enter the purchased activation code and your name.

All the more so that the users of the full version will get the SolSuite Graphics Pack at their disposal. It is a package containing a huge collection of tcard backs and card designs and even an editor to create new ones. And If you like solitaires, try another TreeCardGames program – 123 Free Solitaire.

The Game Review

Program Configuration

The program allows you to save an unfinished game to resume it later. The application also saves the results of the games you have already finished, thus allowing you to control your achievements. SolSuite Solitaire also lets you choose the graphic design of the used deck, and even allows you to choose the size of the presented cards. Users will also appreciate the ability to personalize the wallpaper, change the mouse cursor, the type of toolbar, and even sound effects in the application.

The Interface

The program is very convenient to use, also due to the simple and friendly interface, which works just like the famous Ribbon known from the latest Microsoft Office suites. Despite the fact that the program is available only in the English version, no user should have a problem with the controls

SolSuite provides such options as:

  • the option Suggest a Move,
  • a number of hints: card counter, pile info, show hidden cards option,
  • a fast game search engine,
  • ability to customize patience rules,
  • the ability to resize open the game window to the entire screen.
  • multiplayer mode for up to three players,
  • hi-scores, achievements, and statistics,
  • favorites module,
  • advanced customization as far as the look of the program and cards is concerned.

SolSuite Solitaire System Requirements

For proper operation, the program requires a newer operating system from the Windows family 7, 8 / 8.1 or 10. Unfortunately, earlier versions ( XP and Vista) are not supported). SolSuite Solitaire requires only 512 MB RAM, and as far as the screen resolution is concerned all you need is 800 x 600 pixels.

The Gameplay

The cards animations are smooth so this adds to great user experience. As part of this game package, you can play such well-known patience games as Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid, Golf, Yukon, Monte Carlo, Canfield, Gaps, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Napoleon, Diplomat, La Belle Lucie, Flower Garden, Rouge et Noir or Spider. A help system is available for each type of game.

The program also provides the opportunity to publish your own achievements on the world ranking list of the game.

The game collection also delivers high-quality graphics. You can also easily enlarged the cards deck and choose among many designs of card sets (English patter, Modern, Medieval, Large Print, Puppies, Caricatures, and many more). In turn, the background (over 100 patterns) can be green, old brown stucco, pink silk hearts, and many, many more as well to choose from such collections as Fantasy, Romance, Scenic, or Science. You can even customize the background to your liking

As part of the experience with the program, you can create an unlimited number of players who will fight for the best result, beat hi-scores and celebrate winning games. Players can have their own avatars, which can be chosen from among those available in the program. You can also simply upload your own picture.

In any type of patience game, you can face other SolSuite Solitaire users and then compare your stats. It is also worth emphasizing that during each game we can keep track of your current score, time spent on the game and the count moves you have made.

Surely the SolSuite Solitaire program provides exciting entertainment and an amazing pastime that you can share with countless players. In addition, the graphical capabilities of the program encourage you to play the game all the time. And let’s be honest with the abundance of content the game offers, SoilSuite Solitaire will probably be the only solitaire program you’ll ever need.

SolSuite Solitaire
SolSuite Solitaire is a great collection of solitaires, which allows for virtually unlimited fun. Download the program, play your patience card games and compete with your friends.
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