Mirror Mirror is a downloadable game that combines elements of RPG and match-3 puzzle games with the atmosphere of an erotic anime. It was released on April 19, 2018, on the Steam platform. The game was created by the studio KAGAMI WORKs, while the publisher is SakuraGame which is well known for its productions.

How to Download Mirror

To download the Mirror, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available on Steam.

The Game Review

The game can be compared to Candy Crush or the HuniePop dating simulator.  Because of its erotic theme, it’s closer to the latter. The plot (the game also has elements of an adventure game, and more precisely a visual novel) revolves around an item which is the eponymous magic mirror and which lets you encounter powerful girls from fantasy realms. In the game, your task is to defeat them in turn-based duels by properly moving the elements that appear on the board. Placing three identical items horizontally or vertically results in their disappearance which translates into an attack. Thanks to this you get bonuses in the form of special attacks or achievements used later in the game.

To win, it is not enough to haphazardly click on individual elements – you must combine them into the best combinations, which should deduct as many health points as possible from your opponent and give you victory in the fight. There are four types of attacks: physical attack, magic attack, health regeneration, and so-called rage. From the graphical point of view, the mechanics of undressing girls are a bit like in another anime title Deep Space Waifu where their clothes become torn.

In each fight, you receive a kind of currency, which you can spend to unlock upgrades. The character development system will allow you to use stronger attacks in the future. However, subsequent upgrades will have a higher price, which can be of course expected. To move the plot forward you will have to win several fights with each of the eight mirror girls. What’s more, each subsequent duel will become more difficult. This forces you to play your best while allowing you to get used to your opponents’ tactics and learn how to play against them.

The interface of the game is simple, so you should have no problem with the controls. The in-game animation is quite limited but this is to be expected – visual novels are just like that. Anyway, the game should appeal to the connoisseurs of anime girls especially as the action gets more intensive once you defeat them in the battle. The music perfectly reflects the atmosphere and encourages you to try harder.

The dialogues between the hero and the characters can be chosen from a list. Each choice can affect the attitude of the opponents. Pick a wrong answer and they can get so infuriated that their attacks will be more violent! Anyway, the choice of dialogue lines affecting other characters is something that the fans The Witcher or Mass Effect series will feel quite at home. It should be mentioned that the audio has been implemented in Japanese – which gives you a chance for even more immersion.

The game will appeal to people who like puzzle games, especially games of the match 3 genre. The players who like RPGs will also appreciate the turn-based game system and the possibility of developing your character. Women lovers will also be satisfied. Even more, if they find the mythical Uncensored Patch.

Mirror is a combination of a puzzle match 3 game with a visual novel. Download the game and discover the world of dangerous beauties living in a fantasy land on the other side of the mirror.
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