while True: learn()

OK, so I am not what you would call a tech or gear head at all so I was not sure if while True: learn() would be a game for me. However, I found myself still gawking at my computer screen a couple of hours after I started as I was hooked. If you have ever wondered how AI and machine learning works, while True: learn() is going to give you a better understanding of that.

How to Download while True: learn()

The game can be downloaded from Steam together with its soundtrack. To begin, simply click the button below the review. And if you like coding you should also check out Scratch.

The Game Review

The actual industry of coding and AI has seen a real boost in the last few years so perhaps that was the inspiration for this game? Developer Luden.io knows that the idea of a game based around machine coding is a hard sell so they have cleverly wrapped the whole game up in a story about a cat…. Not just any cat, but a cat who is better at machine coding than you!

That is no joke, the basis for this game is that you are a coder and you want your cat to be able to help you so making a machine that will help you understand him is your genius idea. It is a very fun story and it is just the little bit of sense of humor that the game needs to keep you hooked.

You play the role of a freelance programmer who takes various jobs. Each level is set up with these pre-made blocks of code and you need to figure out what sequence to put these in so that they actually work. There is a fair bit of trial and error here when you start, but eventually, you do actually start to learn how things work and you will get a sense for what goes where and why.

The way that while True: learn()  progresses is very clever. As you progress you will get some kind of new technology to work with and the game will actually give you links to things like YouTube videos to show how it works in the real world. I can honestly say that I learned quite a bit and was interested in learning more.

It is the progression though that can cause you to stumble. The game kicks up the difficulty way too fast. You just barely get your bearings and then things increase in difficulty considerably. This I think could be off putting to some people who are unsure of the game in the first place.

There are other side things that you can do in the game. There is a store where you can buy cosmetic items and there is also this other section where you can take part in startup companies. By working for these startup companies you can ensure that you have a stream of money coming in which can help you reach your ultimate goal. I love the idea of these startup companies, but I felt they could have been explained and developed a little more.

while True: learn()
while True: learn() is a game that you will love if you love coding. Download it and have fun learning, and there's a funny cat too!
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while True: learn() Review Summary

AI, block coding and machine programming are things that I was never really curious about, but while True: learn() has certainly sparked my interest. At its core, this is a puzzle game, a puzzle game that is wrapped around a fun and humorous story about your super intelligent cat. It does have a steep learning curve and will require some serious time invested, but I think it is worth it.

  • The cat story is funny
  • It teaches you about block coding and machine programming
  • Has some interesting teaching tools
  • It makes you think while you play
  • The game is way more fun than you would think
  • It can get really hard really fast
  • Wish the startups were a bit more developed
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