Dark Elf Historia

Wow! Where the heck do I even start with a game like Dark Elf Historia? This is an erotic/sex/hentai and extremely NSFW kind of video game so keep that in mind before firing this up during your coffee break. The version on Steam is censored and if you want the full uncensored version, you will have to track down the patch.

How to Download Dark Elf Historia

You can download the game from Steam. Click on the Download button below the review. If you like games in this style, check out also our review of Phantom Thief Celianna.

The Game Review

The story of Dark Elf is rather interesting. I say that because this translation is absolutely hilariously bad. You play as Fraylia (whose name the game frequently spells in different ways) and she is a super-powerful dark elf that finds a young teenage boy called Ruse in a cave and she decides to take him under her wing.

Frayila is what you would expect in a game like this. She has a rocking body, wears a tiny bikini, and has boobs with so much bunch it would make the DOA characters blush. She decides that she needs to get a job and that is that. Seriously the game is literally her taking on quests from NPCs. If there is a deep story arc, I sure as hell did not figure out what it was.

The language in the game is really on the nose. I think it is trying to be sexy, but due to the translation issues it is more often than not just flat out hilarious. One of the most surprising things about Dark Elf is that this is actually an RPG, an RPG made in RPG Maker. With that comes the good and the bad that games made in RPG Maker tend to have.

The game will see you take on a quest, head into a dungeon, fight enemies, kill a boss or do some other thing like saving some kids. You just do the same thing over and over again, but it is very simple so your brain just kind of switches off. The combat in the game is very easy, you do not need to grind for hours to level up as even the bosses can be beaten very easily.

I like the retro look when you are on the overworld, but the combat switches to a different view. Some of the characters such as Frayila look fantastic, but others just look flat-out creepy. There is this one in particular that is like some weird fat dude in a white wife-beater vest and it is just super weird.

The version of the game I played had was the censored one and the way the game handles censorship is great. There is this big weird bunny face that covers up the naughty bits… I am not joking and you have to see it to believe it. The actual sex in the game is very, very graphic so if that floats your boat you may like that.

What is weird about that is that most of the sex scenes happen when you fail. Since it is so hard to actually lose in combat, if you want to see Frayila get it on, you are going to have to lose on purpose. I think this is pretty lame in all honesty and wish they did not do this. The visuals are locked at 480p so if you have a 4K monitor it is going to look rough.

I have played games like this before, but Dark Elf Historia is one of the weirdest. I get that it is trying to be sexy and shocking, but it comes across as funny more often than not. As I write this the game is under a buck on Steam! It is not a horrible game, but it is not a very good one either, but man that translation is pure gold!

Dark Elf Historia
Dark Elf Historia is a fantasy anime role-playing game with a nice blonde character. Download it now and enjoy the action.
8 Total Score
Dark Elf Historia Review Summary

  • Fraylia is pretty hot
  • The translation is funny as hell
  • Combat is fast-paced
  • Tons of quests
  • Two ways to experience the story
  • The game is freaking weird
  • Combat is so easy it is harder to lose than win
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