Dead in Vinland

Dead in Vinland is a downloadable survival simulator with RPG and adventure game elements. In the game, you play as Eirik the Viking who, along with his family, was banished from his village to a mysterious island. Your mission is to survive and create sustainable conditions to live for your beloved ones. The game has been created by CCCP and published by Plug In Digital. It’s worth to know that CCCP has also developed another title with a similar sounding name: Dead in Bermuda. Dead in Vinland premiered in April 2018. The price of the game is about $21.

How to Download Dead in Vinland

The game can be downloaded from Origin, or Steam. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

The story begins when Eirik is sent away from his home and shipwrecks on an island. The main character has to manage the new settlement, building it from scratch. To this end, you start by cutting trees in a beautiful forest on the island and build your first camp.

During the game, you must focus on many elements. You must take care of both the physical and mental health. It is also a challenge to take care of water and food supplies. Each of your heroes experiences hunger, thirst, and fatigue, and you have to think of everyone. In addition to Eirik, you control 14 characters.

Physical suffering is not the only problem. In addition to fatigue, disease, and wounds, the family members may also experience depression. Variable weather conditions do not help you. There is day and night cycle and your characters should be also prepared for storms. Everything affects your people. Such features as Strength, Agility, Constitution, Stealth, Intelligence, Courage, Charisma, Wisdom – these are the attributes of your characters, which will every fan of RPG games will greet with a smile. When it comes to skills, you can develop such ones as Healing, Crafting, Cooking, Fishing, Hunting, Beast handling and many more. You also have character traits such as Hates Walking, Resolute, Focused, Stay At Home Mom and even Sneezing. As befits an RPG, your characters, of course, gather experience and reach higher levels, and you can choose for them new character traits and improve the statistics: Charisma +5, Sickness Gains -5% or acquire Experienced Gardener trait.

For the game to not get bored too quickly, the authors allow you to gradually discover the island and expand the camp. Over time, the family starts to feel at home. Because the settlement is prospering, new residents appear, and this means that you are obliged to feed more people.

In addition to sometimes tedious planning, the game also offers dynamic battles in which you must demonstrate your spirit as a warrior. This happens because not all guests in the camp are friendly. There are also aggressors who you should either pay to get rid of or fight them in turn-based battles in which you use bows, shields, and axes. Your warriors belong to different classes and have different combat skills. In your ranks this you can have a Sturdy Protector, Precise Shooter or Mystic Healer. Action points, initiative, or buffs are further additions that will make every skirmish a tactical feast.

As we have already mentioned, the heroes, as befits an RPG game, can deal with many activities (there are eighteen to choose from, for example, Harvesting or Scavenging). They also have many statistics, levels of health, wounds and diseases and many skills that you can develop with the course of the game. Your characters can heal, hunt, craft, and fight. And they can get better.

Dead in Vinland is very advanced survival simulator. Preparing food that can have different levels of shelf life or water purification are your daily tasks. One of many. Building different structures, stock management is the daily bread and butter of Eirik and his family.

The story told in the game is interesting and encourages you to get involved. You slowly discover the secrets of the island and its mysterious buildings. Altogether you have 150 areas to explore (the map the island is divided into irregular square fields). During your expeditions, you will have adventures and you will be compelled to make choices. For example, you see gulls fighting for something and it seems worth checking what they are fighting for? Will you distract them? How? Or maybe attack?

We have already written about the new residents and about enemies attacking your new village. We should also mention that you can also acquire powerful allies in the game. There are 10 such characters. The game will also let you have conversations us. There are a lot of dialogue lines, and each branching out when you have to choose one of several responses or behaviors.

The graphics are very well made animations in a comic, cartoon style. The music is atmospheric and suites very well the air of mystery and despair of Dead in Vinland.

The hardware requirements that must be met are next to none. You need a 2 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 700 MB of free disk space, and Windows 7, 8 or 10. The requirements for macOS are similar.

The game will certainly appeal to all those who like stories, strategic thinking, and some action. A multitude of solutions and an interesting plot will not let you get bored quickly.

Dead in Vinland – the Trainer, the Cheats and the Guide to the Game

The game enjoys great interest, which is why, in addition to game guides, there are cheats available and a special trainer for Dead in Vinland, which can provide, for example, infinite water or fire, unlimited items, no fatigue, XP multiplier and the like. The only question is whether it is worth to spoil the fun in this way.

Dead in Vinland
Dead in Vinland is a survival simulator in which a Viking family is fighting to survive on a huge and mysterious island after they were banished from their native village. Download the game and show that you can care for your loved ones.
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