Hero Zero

Hero Zero is an online RPG game by Playata GmbH (published by European Games Group AG) for those wanting to create their own superhero story in casual and comical fashion. Players will get the chance to create their own superhero according to their tastes. Whether it be dressed in the most ridiculous outfits paired with most outrageous powers or powered up in the finest garments of the land, you choose your way in becoming the hero you dreamt of.

How to Download Hero Zero

This free title is available for download from Steam. Alternatively, you can visit the official website of the game and play the game there. To begin – click the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review

In short, the objective in the game is to follow the storyline of the invaded home planet and protecting it from the evils that lurk. Pretty cliche right? Perhaps we could call it a watered-down version of Batman for those who prefer less finger intensive combo breaking action. However, Hero Zero has its own fair share of strategy that goes into battles instead of being a mindless click game. You will be able to allocate your skills points into different categories to be “Speedy Gonzales,” a heavy-hitting machine, or just anything you desire to be the master of.

Choose skills and power-ups along the way as the hero gets stronger to become evermore fit for any battle. As for the gameplay, specifically, players can enjoy the laid out campaign to fight the lurking evil mentioned earlier. They can also fight against other players around the world in order to prove themselves as the best hero in town.

You might create or join a group of friends in a secret base to become more efficient and gain greater rewards as the saying goes, “the more the merrier.” Players may also initiate team battles with their respective crew of heroes to be known as the greatest alliance in the world. Real-time villain events with a boastful player base of 26 million will ensure that there will always be something to do in the universe of Hero Zero.

Players looking for a browser type game will find Hero Zero very enjoyable as the leisure of playing the game, as aforementioned, puts relatively no stress on the player to keep up with anything and rather allows players to enjoy the game for what it is following its fun cartoon storyline. Games that may ring a bell that are similar to Hero Zero are Clicker Heroes and Dragon Fable. All following the browser style game genre, they all play with some level of strategic thinking that does not go over the head but provides enough interest to be worth some time. Hero Zero is definitely more polished than the two I am comparing it to as a lot more interactivity, especially with a full online mode gives more to do for the player. This gives an alternative if one ever gets bored of the RPG. Since its Steam release in 2016, there have been numerous content updates to keep players coming back and can also be enjoyed across numerous platforms.

Hero Zero
Here Zero is a free-to-play RPG game in which you create your superhero and level him or her up. Download the game, enjoy the ride to the top and save the humanity from evil.
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