Mabinogi is a downloadable MMORPG that was originally released on PC for the first time back in 2004; more specifically, on the 22nd of June of that very year. The game is currently developed by devCAT Studios and is consistently being updated on a regular basis, despite the fact that the developers are known for very little else, other than Mabinogi and Vindictus.

In this game that’s loosely based on Irish mythology, there’s plenty to see and do, all the while exploring the open landscape of the realm.

How to Download Mabinogi

You can download Mabinogi from Steam but it may not be available in every country. To start your download click on the link below the review.

The Game Review

Not to spoil too much of the story, it is spread throughout a number of different chapters that walk you through several different key characters in the world and gives you a nice glimpse into their lives and the importance they bring to it all.

Each chapter focuses on a specific character and their interactions with you and will slowly teach you to grow an appreciation for everyone that you come across in the game, due to their interesting character development.


Even though Mabinogi is a game that came out in 2004, its combat is more action-oriented than anything else. Rather than being a standard hot-bar MMORPG, it uses an action-themed combat system that has you moving around the battlefield when you’re in combat to try and avoid damage as best you can and make for a more advantageous attack on the enemy.

Mabingoi: the Skills

Your skills are all tied to a hot-bar as to be expected, but when you press the button, they will come out instantly and will not take into account how close or how far away you are. By any chance that you’re not in range of the enemy, you are not going to be auto-aiming the attack in their direction, so you’re expected to get used to moving and positioning.


Outside of combat, there’s plenty of exploration and quests to go and enjoy, with a few interesting additions here and there, with one of the major ones being the fantasy life section of the game. Once you feel like you’re starting to get a little sick of all of the combat in the game, you can instead go off and tend to crops or something similar and take a break from all of the fighting.

While it may not be the most action-packed aspect of the entire game, it does allow you to gain some cash without having to really do much.

Games Similar to Mabinogi

When it comes to comparisons, Mabinogi isn’t really like anything that had been done before at the time of its original release. Hot-bar MMO’s like World of Warcraft were all the rage, so action-MMO’s didn’t really exist, so it’s a surprise that Mabinogi decided to push the boat out and surprise us all.

Mabinogi is an anime fantasy MMORPG. Download it now to visit an open world and its continents Uladh, Belvast, and Iria.
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Mabinogi Review Summary

Mabinogi definitely isn't the most visually stunning game out there, especially after 14 years of its original release, but it has a great community aspect to its systems that make it hard to turn off and leave behind, just like social media always seems to be.

  • Fun and interesting take on the combat in the game
  • Community is a big part of the game and is fun throughout
  • Fantasy life is a fun side activity if you want a break from routine
  • Very outdated visuals that can be hard to look past
  • Combat feels clunky until you learn how to use it properly
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