MapleStory is a South Korean two-dimensional MMORPG game that was released in 2003. Revolving around the Maple World, this game is the enticing entry into a world full of adventures and monsters. The players battle with the deadly creatures while facing many other obstacles and challenges too. The best thing about this game is that you are not the only one playing; in fact, you can team up with your friends and family to play this multiplayer online role-playing game.

The developer Wizet and the publisher Nexon (mainly set up in Japan, North America, Europe, South Korea, and Thailand) introduced this gameplay for Microsoft Windows in 2003 in Japan, North America, and South Korea. MapleStory has received the most positive reviews with its storyline and addictive features that make it even more fun and exciting.

How to Download MapleStory

You can download MapleStory for free. To do that click on the Download button located where this review concludes. It’s worth to know that MapleStory has been followed by MapleStory 2 (2015) which contains updated graphics.

The Game Review

With the game freely available on the internet the gaming audiences are introduced to a number of different versions of it depending on the country they were published in. The players are made to explore the Maple World in which they come across various characters and obstacles that they will have to combat in order to make it through to the end.

The plot revolves around the Black Mage who has been locked away to prevent the destruction of the Maple World. However, as the antagonist increases its power and aims at being set free, the Empress of the Maple World urges the citizens to joins the Cygnus Knights. The player assumes the role of one of the citizens who accept the challenge to return the Black Mage to the place he belonged.

You can control the actions of the protagonist with the help of a mouse and a keyboard where the keyboard is used to control the movement of the main hero while the mouse is used to shift items and other objects.  The battle centers around going to dangerous and haunting places where you have to be prepared to fight the Black Mage’s followers and traps. While fighting and killing the deadly beings, the user gets the opportunity to earn Mesos which is a type of a currency as well as other upgrades. With better performance and upgraded skills, the controller can get hold of great rewards that can further help them with the warfare. Moreover, the user can also participate in challenges that will enable them to open up to new weapons and potions.

The user can craft their own character after which they can place them into one of the several classes available. The player is made to start the journey on the Maple Island which is like a tutorial for them. From then onwards the hero can proceed into one of the five following classes namely: Pirate, Magician, Warrior, Bowmen, and Thief. The location of the story is set around the three significant Landforms namely Ossyria, Victoria Island and Maple Island. There is also an inbuilt shop in the game known as the Cash Shop where you can spend your currency and purchase any in-game item.

MapleStory is an MMORPG game which presents its world as a side-scrolling 2D environment. Download it and play for free.
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