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My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia is a sandbox game (which means a world in which the player can do whatever he wants). You start living in a small town and running business which you have inherited from your father. With time, however, you will be traveling to far corners of the game world. This game was created by the Pathea Games studio. My Time At Portia includes elements of the farm game, adventure, and RPG genres. Sometimes the player must go on a dangerous trip and … fight the marauding monsters in the area!

How to Download My Time At Portia

The title provides about 25 hours of gameplay. You can download the game from the Steam platform. To start, click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you are not sure whether to spend money immediately (the price of the game is $ 19.99), we have good news. There is also a free demo of the game available for download. At the moment, the game is in the early access phase, in which it entered on January 23, 2018. According to the developers, this phase will last about 9 months, during which new locations, tasks and the possibility of having animals will be added. The final release date of the game in the full version is not yet known. My Time At Portia is currently only available for the Windows platform. At the moment, nothing is known about the Mac, PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch versions.

The Review of the Game

My Time At Portia presents a post-apocalyptic, yet colorful and a fairy-tale world. The hero returns to the eponymous hometown of Portia, to run the workshop inherited from his or her deceased father. The civilization is almost extinct, but at the same time, these times are truly a thing of the past. The young craftsman tries to help rebuild the town and also fit into the local community, helping its members in various activities. During the game, you sometimes visit dangerous, damaged areas, where monsters prowl. You do this in order to get useful items which will come in handy in everyday life.

My Time At Portia gives you the possibility to interact with the inhabitants of Portia – it only depends on you whether the neighbors will love you or hate you. It is even possible to marry a resident of the town! Each of Portia’s virtual citizens has a unique personality and their own story to tell.

To develop your business, renovate buildings, or create useful tools, it is necessary to collect various materials. So you cut trees, collect herbs, mine for ores and … run a vegetable garden! It is also possible to collect resources scattered on the map – for example, wood or stones. The objects that can be collected shine from a distance.

At the beginning of the game, you have the opportunity to choose the gender of your character. At this stage, you can also decide on certain elements of the hero’s appearance: hair color, hairstyle, face shape and the general appearance of various facial features. During the game, there are tasks to be performed, and the hero himself has a skill tree divided into three specializations: Battle, Gather and Social. Then it’s time to have a look at the inheritance, which as it turns out, requires many repairs at the beginning.

The graphic design My Time At Portia is truly idyllic, and the action is seen from behind the hero’s back. This character gains experience and new levels by completing tasks, as well as killing monsters or collecting the necessary resources. The game’s world is not static – the seasons also change over time.

MadDownload.com in its review of the early version of the game gives it a ranking of 9.5 out of 10. My Time At Portia is a gem.

My Time At Portia Wiki

For those who want to learn more about the world of My TIme At Portia, a wikipedia is available at mytimeatportia.wikia.com

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My Time At Portia
My Time At Portia is an RPG in which you grow a farm and learn about a beautiful world you inhabit. Download the free demo or buy the game. Live in Portia.
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