Ylands is a downloadable game that belongs to the sandbox genre. This means that there’s an open world which you can explore without limits. The game’s world consists of many different islands called ylands. In addition to exploring the world, you also need to look after yourself. To this end, you find survival tools, get food and … avoid encounters with wild boars! The developer of the game is Bohemia Interactive. The studio is also known, among others, for ARMA 3 war game, or the adventure game Memento Mori. The final release date of the full version of the game is not yet known. It is also unknown whether Ylands will come to PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

How to Download Ylands

The download of the game is possible via the Steam platform. To start the download, click on the button at the end of this review.

Is Ylands a Simulator or an Adventure Game?

The point of view in the game is the third person narrative – you watch the hero’s back as you decide about the protagonist’s actions. You start playing without equipment and clothes, and time is your enemy – you have to feed your character before night falls and light a fire to scare away wild animals that hunt during the night.

The player directs the created character in such a way as to enable him to survive on a deserted island. You decide whether your character will concentrate on exploration or on building a refuge in order to settle down. The world and the characters are composed of quadrangle building blocks, which makes the game look unusual in comparison to other games.

Ylands is similar to Minecraft. It also allows you to change the way your islands look.  You can freely change the topography of the land, and build your own structures. The result of such design is that Ylands provides you with almost unlimited possibilities and will be fun for long hours. Building, however, is not easy – every modification requires different resources that can be obtained only in specific locations. Their collection is done with the tools that you create. But, even having the tools does not guarantee success. For example, when you cut a tree you have to be careful because it can fall on you and kill you!

You can explore the worlds of Ylands on foot or use various means of locomotion – for example, it is possible to tame a horse and ride it. The creatures in the game world are divided into the hostile ones, like boars or wolves, or the neutral, which can be tamed and bred. The animals are not the only means of transport that the game provides – it is also possible to build a ship and sail around the island. But be careful not to run into bloodthirsty sharks!

The Surprises in the Game

The creators of the game have prepared many surprises for the players. In the open world of Ylands – you will be able to find, for example, a cast iron stove, books or … a chair. This sometimes makes the game a bit easier. For example, the stove will let you bake meat.

The creators of Ylands provide a mode for solo play as well as a multiplayer experience in the company of your friends. In the multiplayer mode, four people can play at the same time. In addition, it is also possible to share your own ylands with the online community.

Ylands is a simulator that allows you to experience adventures in an environment that you can both discover and create. Download this survival game and claim your land.
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