Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is an F2P, online, MMORPG available on PC and was originally released on the 31st August 2002 but was recently brought onto Steam on the 1st November 2013. The game is developed by Gravity and Gravity Interactive and is primarily their flagship title, so are particularly known for this one game.

How to Download Ragnarok Online

You can download this free-to-play game from Steam. There also numerous paid DLCs available, so-called packs, with the following fancy names:

  • Starter,
  • Elite,
  • Trendsetter Fashionista’s,
  • Emperium Warrior,
  • and Santa Claus Essentials,

The Game Review

Similar to many other MMORPG’s, the background lore of the game is the main focus when it comes to the story and it comes in the form of a brief intro, and then a period of quests that reveal chunks of what’s going on. Initially, the story revolves around the land of Midgard, a land currently sitting upon a fragile peace. A peace between Gods, Humans, and Demons, but the peace is promptly shattered once the game makes a start and thus the war between all 3 races has started once more, threatening the balance once again.

The gameplay is that of a very dated MMORPG that takes place in a top-down perspective, rather than the 3rd person view that players would have come to expect of other MMO’s. From the top-down perspective, the game controls similarly to an RTS game, just combined with a hot-bar MMO, such as World of Warcraft. Depending on the class the player chooses, of which there are several, each with their own skills, the player can add a number of different abilities to their hot-bar, allowing for a myriad of different skills and abilities to be used at any one time. By doing this, the player will expunge their mana pool, but it is the optimal way of dealing damage and killing everything the game has to offer.

In the form of quests, the players can acquire some new gear and weapons, along with a section of lore, providing the quest is designed for it and the player wishes to read it. At no point do they have to read the quest information, though, as it doesn’t add much to the whole experience. Gear can be switched out on the fly, changing several different stats, and can be alternated for the perfect build once they’ve acquired the items they need. Alongside all of this, the game has a number of instances within the game that is recommended to take a party with, as the tanky-ness of many of the enemies will typically require more than one player to take them down.

Aesthetically, the game has a rather outdated visual style to it. Looking at it briefly, the kind of style it could be attributed to is that of an old anime or of the Final Fantasy Tactics games, as their visuals seem to share a lot in common with each other; especially when it comes to the characters as a whole.

Ragnarok Online isn’t the most up-to-date game when it comes to the visuals or its gameplay, but there is so much content within this MMO to keep any addicted player coming back for hours on end – each and every day.

Ragnarok Online
Ragnarok Online is awesome isometric MMORG with a lot of Classes and cool skills. Download it and enjoy this fantasy anime world.
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