Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is an MMO game that allows you to explore the galaxy, complete missions and meet new races all the time. The game has 125+ episodes as well as a variety of story arcs. As you progress you get to meet new people, races and you also get to expand the reach of the Federation to new locations.

How to Download Star Trek Online

You can download the game to enjoy it on Windows, OS X and on PS4 and Xbox One. To begin your interstellar experience click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review

You also get to create your own character and you start from the lower ranks. But as you progress you will get better and better, you will learn new skills and you will even be able to adapt the way you play to your own needs. The game is very easy to customize and it brings in front outstanding game mechanics and content that takes place both on the ground and in space.

This is where Star Trek Online stands out when compared to other MMOs. The ability to fly your ship or move on foot makes Star Trek Online a distinct title, and there are lots of new regions to experience and explore every time. The game is fully focused on value and quality more than anything. It brings in front some very powerful game experiences and mechanics, but at the same time, you get to be the captain of your own ship.

You are in control of when and how you play and you can also adapt your playstyle in any way you want. You can also play with friends if you want to, all while using a diplomatic or forceful approach to dominate the regions and maybe even the entire galaxy. The game goes even further by allowing you to access multiple factions. Each one of these has its own unique style and you can access various ships too.

That alone makes the gameplay more rewarding, and in the end, it offers you more exciting elements and ideas for you to explore. Star Trek Online is all about customization too. You can customize your character in any way you want, and you can easily customize your ship. From color to construction, scope, and size, all these things can be changed and adjusted based on the way you want your game to look and feel.

Star Trek Online is very intense and it features both space and melee or ranged combat. The game offers you different ways to tackle and eliminate opponents. You can choose the easy way out, or you can tackle the gameplay experience and bring to the front some new methods to eliminate your enemies. Each approach is unique and it’s all about making your game feel special and also easier to comprehend. The entire experience offered here is very rewarding, and it provides you with some of the most interesting game elements out there.

Star Trek Online is bringing you to a whole new level of gameplay. The world is large and distinct, comprehensive and very powerful. It’s also offering lots of customization options, factions and people you can play with. That makes it a wonderful MMO with lots of unique content for you to have.

Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online is an MMORPG with the setting in the 25th century. Download the game and enjoy this space opera as a captain of your own ship. Engage in intergalactic battles.
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