The Desolate Hope

The Desolate Hope is the earliest of Scott Cawthon’s (the famous creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s horror series) games that are available on Steam. The title is a mix of many genres: action, RPG, and adventure. The game was released in May of 2014. The Desolate Hope is unique in every sense of the word, combining different genres to produce a memorable experience for the player. However, the thing that stands out most in the game is the stunning visuals that are mesmerizing, to say the least.

How to Download The Desolate Hope

You can download the game for free from Steam. To do this simply click on the Download button which you will find at the end of this review.

The Game Review

The goal of The Desolate Hope is to find and eliminate a virus that is a constant threat to the Derelicts (simulation machines).

The game begins with a shot of the Lun Infinus space station which is where the game takes place. We see a coffee machine called Coffee that is interrupted by software. The two converses and soon the software is told that its purpose is to take over the coffee machines body and fight off unwanted threats inside the Lun Infinus. Coffee says it has more important things to take care of and lends the player its body.

We get to see the Derelicts who are sentient machines that have a mind of their own. Each one is different in their appearance from the other one, giving them a unique outlook. One of the Derelicts lets us explore inside its simulation after a little exploring. We are in contact with Coffee throughout our journey.

After entering Melanz’s (a Derelict) simulation we realize that it holds the virus. In the simulation, we come across many other robots that talk to us. We can purchase upgrades for Coffee to improve its attacks.

During the simulation, we enter a subspace which is like a mini arcade game. We have a rabbit that follows us and collects the items smaller viruses leave behind when they are killed. This amazing mini-game is a great way to collect funds for upgrades for our character.

We find out that Melanz has made a world of his own inside his simulation to keep his subjects happy. We discover a red orb inside Melanz’s simulation which seems to be an item the virus desires. After pressing the ‘DOWN’ key while standing on the orb, a battle begins with the virus in RPG mode. We see that all the Derelicts battle the virus with their wide variety of attacks.

Outside the simulation, we can explore the Lun Infinus and we discover that each Derelict has 4 viruses each that need to be purged in order to save them. We learn the name of each Derelict, Alphus, Malenz, Mirad, Amos and Bio-Beta. During the night, we can wander outside of the Lun Infinus and gather items that we can give to the Derelicts in order to gain their trust.

The Desolate Hope is a visually stunning game that carries out an engaging sci-fi storyline through the use of different genres of gaming.

The Desolate Hope
The Desolate Hope is a science fiction game created by Scott Cawthon. Download the game and enjoy the mix of genres: crazy platformer action, shooting, dungeon crawling and jRPG-style battles.
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