Tower of Time

Tower of Time is a downloadable fantasy RPG with a classic vibe to it. The Polish studio, Event Horizon developed this RPG-Adventure indie game and made it available on  Steam. The setting of the game is in a world of fiction and fantasy. The game was released last 12 April 2018.

The story-line is the core focus of this game. The game is so captivating and indulging with its beautiful and colorful animated slides artwork and a lush environment that will get you seated throughout the levels of the game. The whole presentation of the story is so extraordinary and impressive.

How to Download Tower of Time

You can download this splendid RPG by clicking on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available for download from Steam and digital distribution platforms. As an additional download, there is also the official soundtrack for the game. Another game with a similar setting and look and feel will be Pillars of Eternity 2. Check out that one too!

The Game Review

Tower of Time is a novel take on classic RPG’s with very difficult levels and jam-packed with various enemies. It has a story-line that engrosses with many puzzling challenges. It commands tactical cognizance and careful preparation of the party in the dynamic real-time combat. The game is a fifteen hours game-play time (optional battle challenges excluded) on normal or lower difficult challenges.

The story-line of Tower of Time is well presented and exceptional and gives you the impression you are the author of the whole story.

Audio and Visuals

The quality of the audio may not match the visuals but it is still very great as the settings of the visuals are better clarified. The footsteps are very audible and soft, the background music is sensational and portrays a lot of mystery and many other sound effects making the experience more real.

It will be a difficult thing to beat Tower of Time in creating atmosphere, the background sounds, art style, the sound effects, its well-perfected graphic, the stimulating setting can only leave you awestruck. The presentation of the game is marvelous and the storyline indulging. The audio and video of Tower of Time are in short inspirational.

The game from its visuals give you that feeling of being alive and at the same time death. That is just how it is. Whether is the paths endangered by fog or flowing water or bushy structures crafted by man, it just gives you that feeling. To be acclaimed in Tower of Times are the fluent animation, the attractive drawn illustrations and the lively props of the tower and the game is user-friendly

Tower of Time: the Gameplay

The Tower of Times has a very beautiful and impressive environment. Often you have to find things, a place or follow certain routes hoping to get to a new event. Due to its lush environment, you will always want to go somewhere. It gives you the anxiety to explore. You will want to check out every bend or corner and what adventure there is. The game is full of unexpected combat that just pops on your path unexplainably and unexpectedly.

Unlike other RPG’s the combats focus on your ability to make quick decisions so they do not have a pause-and-play feature. Every character moves around freely in the battle battlefield under your control and has their own move sets. So you are the one to decide where to position them, the knights, casters, and archers.

Any mistake made in the placement or miss clicking or the use of skills can be very deadly. You will need to think well and fast before making any move. The percentage of enemies defeated shows at the top so you can be conscious of your strength and how long you can keep up. It is quite user-friendly. The information about the aptitude of your squad hovers over them. The user interface is clear and clicking anywhere is easy and flexible.

The time, when in combat slows down to allow players to have ample time to reason out fast and make good decisions. Your advancement is marked by your progress in some missions.

Tower of Time
Tower of Time is a fantasy dungeon crawler. Download it and experience an adventure full of mysteries and tactical battles.
9 Total Score
Tower of Time Review Summary

Calling the Tower of Time a good game will be murdering it. It is more than good. The audio and visuals of the game and lush environment are something to remember and the experience is exciting. The storyline is indulging and gets you enraptured in the whole game. it won’t be a bad decision to try for yourself.

  • Aesthetics are beautiful
  • Visuals, audios and gameplay well-polished
  • Exploring in the game is very enjoyable and rewarding as well
  • Gameplay has many options
  • Memorable and unique
  • The price is very reasonable and good
  • Combats just pop up and can be tedious and unavoidable
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