112 Operator

If you are thinking that 112 Operator sounds familiar there is a good reason for that. This game is brought to us by the same people that made 911 Operator a short while back. This time instead of the game being set in the USA, you are now in control of the emergency services in a number of European cities.

How to Download 112 Operator

You can download the game from Steam. Simply click on the Download button located below this review.

The Game Review

I love and I mean love the idea of this game. It is a single-player experience only and you have two modes of play. You can either play through the eight different campaigns with each one being set in a different city or the Free Game mode. Both of these offer their own kind of challenge, but I much prefer what they have done with the campaigns.

These have more of a “real” kind of feel to them. You are in control of the police, fire, and medical services and you will be taking all kinds of calls. These are actual calls with real-life actors and for the most part, they do a great job. You carefully listen to what they say and then chose the best way to respond.

Part of this is deciding what emergency services need to be sent their way. Another part of helping people is by giving them instructions and talking to them. You have to listen very carefully to what they say and also the surrounding noises for clues. You then have to do what you feel is best for them.

Sometimes this is very easy to figure out. Other times it can be really hard and end up with a guy committing suicide by jumping off a building! When you fail in 112 Operator, you really do feel like you have let someone down. The stakes feel huge and that is what I really like about the campaign. I would not say it is massively story-driven, but each city has more than enough.

While the game is set in Europe there is something very “American” about it all. You see the operator you play as and the people you talk to the majority of the time have American accents. After a while, I did not care about this as I was so invested in trying to save people, but I do feel they could have gone the extra mile and done the voice-overs in the right accents.

The game has a great sense of progression with your earning money as you play. The more money you earn the more you have to budget for your emergency services. Buying bulletproof vests, hiring more people, and getting better equipment all around is what you are working towards.

I like the way that your shift starts off rather slow, but by the end of it, things get pretty crazy! In the Free Game Mode, you can pick any place you want and the game will make the map just like it actually is in real life. I got a kick out of being able to play in the area I grew up, but this mode never got me as invested as the campaign did.

I think that this is a really fun time and just as good if not a bit better than 999 Operator. 112 Operator, as far as I know, is going to be getting some updates in the coming months which sounds like a lot of fun. If you liked the previous game you will like this. Those looking for something new and a bit different should also give this one a try.

112 Operator
112 Operator is a simulator of emergency services. Download it now and make sure the citizens of your city are safe.
8.5 Total Score
112 Operator Review Summary

  • I liked the different settings
  • The game is very tense
  • When the voice acting is good, it is very good
  • The game has that same slick map presentation as the last one
  • Quite a lot of variety to the calls you take
  • Not a ton new over the last game
  • There are too many American accents
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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