Beast Battle Simulator

Beast Battle Simulator is a game produced by a small studio DOG HOGGLER. In the past, the company has also created a free turn-based strategy Microgons. As the name suggests, BBS is a combat simulator. The game is based on clashes between animals and people. Among the fighting characters, you can even find dinosaurs. The release date Beast Battle Simulator is February 22, 2018. You can play the game only on Windows-based computers. Unfortunately, there is no demo available.

How to Download Beast Battle Simulator

The game is available for download in the digital distribution from the Steam platform. To start downloading, click on the Download button at the end of the game review.

Beast Battle Simulator Hardware Requirements

The requirements set by the game manufacturer are low. All you need is a Windows 7 operating system (or newer), 4 GB hard disk space, 4 GB RAM, and a 3 GHz dual-core processor. The game requires DirectX 9.0 and a Geforce 5 series compatible graphics card.

Real Damage Simulator

In Beast Battle Simulator, the wounds that are inflicted by the fighting parties depend on the strength of a blow. The simulator makes calculations and decides if your action perhaps deprives an opponent of a limb, while you can observe the bloody outcome of the fights from the comfort of your chair. The game immediately brings to mind Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – similar theme, similar name.

The Variety of Fights

As it has already been mentioned, in the fights you can see different creatures or people clashing: from dinosaurs to animals known to us today. And there are armor-clad knights, too. There are over 50 characters to choose from. In addition to the skills of individual beasts (each has its own style of attack), you can also equip them with various weapons, for example, laser, machine gun or flamethrower. There are many possibilities and the players are limited only the imagination.

Different Battlefields

The simulator also allows you to select a battlefield. You can, therefore, check the strength of individual beasts in a special arena, like in an ancient coliseum, in a mountainous seclusion, in a rural setting or in a desert.

The Available Modes

As a player, you can play various modes provided by the game developers. The Sandbox Mode allows you to fully use your own invention to perform spectacular duels. Not only can you choose exactly how your fights will look like, but you are also able to freely equip the beasts and even edit their properties, such as the level of health or the amount of damage dealt. The Challenge Mode is the opportunity to accept any of the available 60 missions. To complete each challenge, you have to perform certain tasks, for example, defeat a designated opponent (like a herd of brutal gulls or extremely strong penguins). The Assault Mode, on the other hand, requires you to defend your own stronghold. In addition, Beast Battle Simulator allows you to play an extremely brutal football game called Beast Soccer.

Become a Beast in Beast Battle Simulator!

Importantly, the simulator allows you to join the battlefield at any time during the game. Just select one beast and use the left mouse button to take control over it. Anyone can, therefore, indulge in this wanton mayhem and become a lion equipped with modern weapons.

Beast Battle Simulator
Beast Battle Simulator is a simulator for the fans of combat simulations. Download the game and see the clash of dinosaurs with an army of sharks aided by gulls and pigs with heavy artillery on their backs.
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