Carried Away

Carried Away is a downloadable puzzle game in which you play as a constructor and ski lift designer. The party responsible for the production and release of the game is a small independent studio Huge Calf Studios, for which it is the first commercial project.

Currently, the game is in the early access on Steam, and the official release of the final version is scheduled for 2018. The title is available in English. The game runs on computers with Windows.

How to Download Carried Away

Carried Away is a paid title. To download it, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Plot and the Possibilities in the Game

The game has no specific story that you can follow. Instead, you are merely introduced to the subject matter and you learn that you are a professional ski lift designer with a lot of work to do. The challenges you’re going to face will be both environmental and economic. The first type obviously has to do with the terrain and various types of terrain obstacles, the latter is limited budget and high requirements of the clients. Carried Away requires the player to think logically and considers many different aspects. You need to have in mind care the safety of the future users of your construction.

Carried Away resembles the games about bridge construction, such as Poly Bridge, but it is much more complicated. The mechanics in Carried Away are quite diverse. As in the case of most of the indie games, the creators do not pigeonhole their production, drawing inspiration from many different genres. And it turns out for the best.

During the game, you will face a variety of challenges. Starting from the proper construction of the lift, which after all consists of many small and delicate elements, and ending with the care for the safety of the skiers. You will have to take into account such aspects as:

  • dangerous trees on the slope,
  • how steep the slope is
  • ravines and pits,
  • and protruding boulders and rocks.

In addition to the construction of the lifts, your task will also be to create the entire ski infrastructure that will allow its future users to safely take advantage of winter sports activities. Carried Away highly rewards creativity and encourages untypical solutions and searching for alternative ways to solve the problems. In addition to playing the game in single scenarios, the creators also prepared a story-driven campaign and a maps editor.

The Graphics and the Music

Simple, pastel graphics perfectly suit the winter atmosphere of the game. The atmospheric music, in which you can hear a lot of trumpets sounds also perfectly blends with the snowy landscapes. Despite some simplifications in the graphics design of the game, Carried Away really looks interesting and invites you to spend long hours in front of the computer.

9 Total Score

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Windows 7
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Kasia Dalecka

Kasia Dalecka

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