Deep Diving Simulator

Deep Diving Simulator is as the name suggests a game that is all about diving and exploring under the sea. There have been a few games like this over the years, with Steel Diver being a personal favorite of mine. Deep Diving Simulator though does more than enough things that make it stand out.

How to Download Deep Diving Simulator

You can download the game from Steam. If you like underwater games, see also our review of Subnautica and of Subnautica: Below Zero.

The Game Review

While this is called Deep Diving Simulator, I would still say that this feels far more like a “video game” than it does a simulator. When I first heard the name, I thought it would be a large open world/sandbox kind of diving experience, but that is not actually the case as the game is split into levels/areas and each one is rather unique.

I do not mean that as a bad thing by the way. The idea for the game being split into different sections worked very well and kept me focused, but at the same time allowed me to go off and explore a bit as well. Deep Diving Simulator will have you exploring all different oceans as you complete different tasks such as exploring a shipwreck, finding a relic or even coming across Atlantis!

Wildlife plays a big part in the game too and you will be handsomely rewarded by your professor if you can find some new species on your dives. While diving is the main aspect of the game, you have to pay attention to your oxygen and also your position so you do not suffer from decompression sickness.

The different areas that you will be diving in are incredibly well done. I love how there is a lot of variety here from cold oceans to more tropical climates and each one has its own feel. As you complete tasks, you do get more oxygen which can let you go and explore a tad, but the “oceans” are not as large as you would think.

Graphics are one of the best features of the game; this is one heck of a good-looking title. I love the water effects and the different underwater life, plants and so on that you come across are all very well detailed. My only gripe with the presentation is that for a game that is called Deep Diving Simulator you never actually “dive” you always start off in the water and finish in the water.

So far, I have really enjoyed my time with Deep Diving Simulator and it offers a rather relaxing experience. I think that so far there is a nice number of tasks for you to complete and I love the variety of the levels that the game has. I am very interested to see if they add anything to this game. This may not seem like a game for everyone, but I do feel it is worth taking a look at as it is a great experience.

Deep Diving Simulator
Deep Diving Simulator is a game that let you explorer underwater secrets from the first-person perspective. Download it now and enjoy the adventure.
9 Total Score
Deep Diving Simulator Review Summary

  • The graphics are fantastic and make you feel like you are underwater
  • The different tasks keep you moving along
  • It can get tense when a shark or something else comes along!
  • The different areas have their own style
  • Playing the game can be relaxing
  • Some tasks do feel similar
  • A free dive option would have been great
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