Gold Rush: The Game

Gold Rush: The Game is a downloadable title that belongs to the genre of simulators. In this game, you play the role of a modern gold-seeker mining for the precious metal in Alaska. The essence of Gold Rush is the search for the gold ore and its extraction. In the game, you are the manager of the mine and the operator of the mining machines. It is up to you to how you develop your plan to strike it rich. The studio behind the game is Code Horizon from Poland. They are also responsible for the production of such titles as Giant Machines 2017 or the adventure game Art of Murder. Gold Rush: The Game was released on October 13, 2017, and is available only on PCs running Windows. The release date of Gold Rush: The Game for PS4 or Xbox One is yet unknown.

How to Download Gold Rush: The Game

To download the game, log in to Steam. To begin, click on the Download button at the end of this review. The game is paid.

The Game Plot

The game has an open structure, so it does not provide an actual story. If you start the game in Free Mode, you get full freedom about what you’re going to do. You can manage your gold seeker career any way you desire. The game developers have prepared four playable, diverse locations in which you can discover unique threads unrelated to the main game story. These threads relate the history of Alaska and gold mining in these areas years ago. The player has control over the entire mining process, starting with the purchase of land, and bringing the mining equipment on the truck trailer, to assembling these devices and starting to mine.

The Game Mechanics in Gold Rush

The game combines the first- and third person view. By default, you move in the FPP view, walking around the mine and controlling the mining machines. When you get inside the vehicles, the game switches to the TPP view. The gold mining process is surprisingly complex and indeed is a simulation. The player has to take care of every aspect of the process. At the beginning, you need to use the excavator. What you find is then passed through various machines for cleaning. At the end, you manually rinse the material obtained and select the ore. The extracted gold should be transported to the city, in which a blacksmith will melt it and give it a proper shape.

The game also includes a weather system, which means your plans can be spoiled. There is also day and night system. The machines in the game need fuel and electricity. You have to provide them. In addition, your equipment must be maintained and malfunctions fixed as quick as possible.

The Graphics and the Technical Aspects

The Graphics and the Physics of Gold Rush: The Game are generated with the Unity engine. The devs did a good job. You can see it for example by watching the molecular effects during excavation.  The sound effects and music match the atmosphere of the game. The creators have also faithfully reproduced the natural sounds of machines.

Gold Rush: The Game
Gold Rush: The Game is Alaska gold rush gold simulator. If you are interested in gold prospecting you should try this title. Download the game and see how fast you can get rich.
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