Hand Simulator

Hand Simulator is a downloadable game in which, as the title suggests, you control your hands. The simulator, which is based on the Unity graphics engine, provides you with high-quality virtual entertainment. So what do you do there? You see two hands in front of you and… you have to use them. Your activities range from trying to have fun with fidget spinner to shooting. And because the game offers a cooperation mode, you can enjoy the game with your friends. Hand Simulator is available on Windows computers. Nothing is yet known about Hand Simulator version for Xbox One or PS4.

How to Download Hand Simulator

To download Hand Simulator, click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you do not like the game, after downloading you can request a refund, but it probably is not worth doing that, considering an incredibly low price of the game. The ratio of playability to the price of the game is excellent. Hand Simulator costs $1.99.  For such a low amount of money, you receive a game that will make you scream in anger when it turns out that you cannot pick a simple item, let alone play with a spinner. If you consider yourself courageous and patient, you should spend a few bucks to download the game and redefine these concepts. And please, don’t use cheats or secret codes. Play fair.

Hand Simulator – the Controls

If you think that you have control over your body, then it is definitely worth playing this simulator. It will show you that there is a long way ahead of you before you will be able to call yourself the master of the game. It will also make you feel that the game requires the reflexes and agility of an Asian who catches a fly with rice chopsticks and the patience of a Tibetan monk. One thing is sure – this game will develop your manual skills.

You can play on the pad or keyboard but because of full support for VR, you can enjoy Hand Simulator on hardware that supports virtual reality. This way you can experience a new level of immersion in the game universe and even more real frustration.

The game is both funny and addictive, and thanks to the co-op mode, you can spend hours with your friends in a game full of grotesque, funny situations.

In Hand Simulator, you will be able to play checkers, load your weapons, shoot at the target, take part in a cowboy duel, or if you prefer, milk a cow. The number of mini-games continues to increase, and thanks to the active presence of the game creators in social media, the players’ ideas are also implemented! The production is also completely open to your suggestions. So why don’t you post one?

The game is fiendishly difficult. Here you have the opportunity to see how complicated your hands are, which you use in your real life without thinking. Trying to do the same in the game, you can be terrified by your incompetence in the virtual world. At the same time, you will appreciate your mastery in real life. Performing even the smallest action in Hand Simulator can make you dizzy. This game is a proposition for the toughest proponents of realistic hardcore simulators.

Hand Simulator is characterized by perfectly reproduced sound. If something falls, you can hear exactly where it fell. The audio layer has been treated here with due diligence and attention to the smallest details.

You will also appreciate the intricacy of in-game weapons design. A single shot will require painstaking hours of training.

At each game level, both offline and online, you will find a set of tasks to perform, and by doing them you will earn special achievements. In addition, special collector cards will be become available as rewards.

The Hardware Requirements

To run this amazing game, you do not need to have a powerful rig. Thanks to its low requirements, you can play Hand Simulator on virtually any Windows-based machine. Don’t forget to invite your loved ones to this fascinating and annoying gameplay.

Hand Simulator
Hand Simulator, is a game in which your task is to control virtual hands in order to perform activities that in real life do not pose a significant challenge. However, in this game things are different. Download it and see why.
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