Has IMVU really been around since 2004? I remember hearing about this when it first came out, a “social” kind of platform where you can mingle with like-minded individuals. I know that with stuff like Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and so on, IMVU may seem a tad on the pointless side, but I am here today to take a closer look at it and see if it is worth checking out in 2021.

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The Game Review

The idea of IMVU is that you create your own avatar and then you try and just live your virtual life here. In a way, I was reminded of the movie/book Ready Player One, but on a much smaller scale. Your character has their own spot and it is yours to make your own and that can be fun.

The thing is there is a big economy in IMVU, it is actually the biggest digital economy around! There are some very talented people that have some cool stuff they want to sell you to pimp out your room. Some of this is great, I found myself very interested in the pinball machines and arcade machines that people would make.

You do not have to buy stuff, but you are left with a bunch of basic things to play around with. What I spent my time doing was looking for rooms with like-minded people. I found a pretty good WWE community where people were having fun discussing wrestling and another room where people were into vintage pinball machines.

In this regard, I think that IMVU is great. You can connect with people who like the same stuff like you and have some good conversations. I never got into the whole buying and selling of items and I did not really care what my avatar looked like. Turns out, I was in the minority in this regard as the people who are into this are really, really into it!

Many people see the items they have made and purchased as a bit of a status symbol. This along with the vast amount of XXX content you can come across made me lose a bit of interest in the service. I know for a fact there is no way I would let my son on here! You do not even have to be looking for XXX content to come across it so parents make sure you do your homework before letting your kids on here.

In all, I think that this is a lot of fun and no matter what your niche is, you will probably find people who are into it here. While I did not spend any money, they do give you ways that you can earn credits. If you like interacting with people then I think that IMVU is well worth you taking a look at.

IMVU is a 3D avatar creator, chat, and social network all-in-one. Download the client or the app and have fun with strangers, and friends.
7 Total Score
IMVU Review Summary

  • There is a room or area for pretty much every kind of interest and fandom
  • I am sure some people will love designing their own rooms
  • I liked getting to chat with some pretty cool people
  • The service is very easy to use
  • There is a lot of XXX content floating around here
  • It can be annoying when you see something cool, but you need credits to access it
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