Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is a downloadable single-player economic strategy game that will appeal to the fans of the famous RollerCoaster Tycoon series. Both titles have been created by Frontier Developments studio. The basic task for the player is to create an amusement park which will generate a good income. However, this is not all – the player must also meet the needs and desires of visitors. To this end, you can even follow your guests to discover what they expect from your park!

How to Download Planet Coaster

Download Planet Coaster by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. It is also worth paying attention to game updates. They appear frequently and bring new features and game error repairs. For example, Update 1.10 from December 2018 contains a list of nine new rides. The game is available on Windows. Unfortunately, there is no version for Mac, PS4 or Xbox One.

The Gameplay

In the game, you will have to create fanciful, modern roller-coasters, which will have exactly the parameters you will choose. You decide not only about their color, but also about the minimum number of guests who have to get in to start, the waiting time between successive rides, or the price of the ticket. There is a 3D preview option, which allows you to check whether what you have just created is something you will like. At any time, the player may also delete the ride, or edit it, as well as check whether the roller-coaster has many or just a few guests standing in line and, if necessary, decide whether to change the price accordingly. The theme of the entire park is also something you can choose. Moreover, you can also combine various themes.

Planet Coaster: the Game Modes

Planet Coaster offers three game modes:

  • Career Mode – this is a form of a tutorial. There are four types of already built amusement parks, and the player has to carry out tasks and earn stars;
  • Sandbox Mode – it is a game with unlimited time and unlimited funds. You create parks at your own pace and without worrying about costs. You can share your park or its individual elements with other players;
  • Challenge Mode – after choosing one of six empty areas, you have to build an amusement park from scratch having been assigned a certain budget. While playing, you unlock new elements that you can place in your theme park. You also decide on the methods of promotion and how you’re going to deal with paying your loans. This mode is a lot like playing an economic strategy game.

An interesting option offered by the game is the ability to modify each element of the park – from the booths with drinks, through decorations and ATMs, to the toilets. The areas are also in accord with your park theme. Speaking of which, you have the opportunity to start by choosing one of the following basic themes: Pirate, Fairytale, Sci-Fi, Western, Holiday, Festive and Spooky. More come with Planet Coaster DLCs such as Planet Coaster – Adventure Pack.

Planet Coaster has four difficulty modes: easy, medium, difficult and the hardest. The different levels differ in the number of already discovered park elements that can be built, the rate at which guest satisfaction decreases, and the amount of money you have at the start.

During the game, there are various challenges that you can accept or reject, and their completion is rewarded with a cash prize or a new element for your park being unlocked.

Planet Coaster
Planet Coaster is a simulator for building and managing an amusement park. The player's task is to build various types of rides, merry-go-rounds, roller-coasters and other crazy devices. Download the game today and build the theme park of your dreams.
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