PowerWash Simulator

When I first heard about PowerWash Simulator, the first thought in my head was “why does this game exist?” The thing is, I have yet to come across anyone who has played this and not enjoyed the hell out of it! This is currently an early access game, but even in this early access state, it is a very addictive and unique game that is well worth checking out.

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The Game Review

The game takes place in a fictional place called Muckingham which is awesome! You are starting your own power washing business and you will be taking on various jobs all over the town. The career mode has you doing all kinds of things from cleaning the outside of a house, someone’s driveway, their van, or whatever it may be they need cleaning.

Each job has its own little backstory such as the woman who wants a clean start after a divorce and she is starting by cleaning the house. You start off with a very basic power washer and the idea is to clean every nook and cranny of the place or thing you have been hired to clean.

As you progress through the game and make money and start to build your business, more stuff becomes available to you. You can buy new nozzles that can do things like cover a larger area or let you get more specific with your aim for example. You can even buy more power washers that offer various advantages too.

I know it sounds very silly, but there is something so satisfying about blasting something like a van or the outside of a house and watching all the dirt disappear. The game looks decent enough and the water effects and the sound of the water are fantastic, I actually find the sound of the water to be pretty relaxing, the whole game is relaxing actually.

As well as the career mode where you are moving from job to job and trying to build your business into the best it can be. PowerWash Simulator also has a free play mode. Here you can replay any job that you have completed just for fun, or you can try and see how fast you can complete the job, this can become very addictive as it has a kind of high-score component to it.

You can download a free demo of PowerWash Simulator which I highly recommend you do. I think that even in early access this game is great! The biggest problem this game is going to have is getting people to give it a chance. It is the kind of game that will catch on due to word of mouth as it truly is a lot of fun and far more addictive than you would think.

PowerWash Simulator
PowerWash Simulator lets you clean dirt using high-pressure water. Download it now and enjoy making things shine.
9.5 Total Score
PowerWash Simulator Review Summary

  • This game is just so satisfying to play
  • The little bits of story in the career mode are quite fun
  • The way the water moves and sounds is very satisfying
  • Even in the early access build, there is a lot of your to do
  • I do hope that the career mode gets a lot more added to it
  • I worry that the game may struggle to catch on
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