SnowRunner is one of those games that is really, really good, but it certainly makes you work for it. If you like trucking and hauling games then you are exactly the kind of person that this is aimed at. Just know going in that SnowRunner has one heck of a learning curve, but if you can deal with that you are in for a great time.

How to Download SnowRunner

You can download the game for Windows from the Epic Games Store and for your PS4 or Xbox One console from their respective stores. If you like such games, check out also our review of Spintires: MudRunner, the game which was developed by the same company – Saber Interactive.

The Game Review

The basics of what you have to do here are quite simple. You need to get your cargo from point a to point b and while it sounds simple it is anything but. You see this game has some of the most realistic and interesting physics of any trucking game that I have ever played.

The game has three very different locations. You have the muddy and woodland style of Michigan, frozen Alaska and then Taymyr in Russia which as some rough and ready terrain. Each area has its own set of challenges, missions, and terrain that you need to overcome.

You are actually free to haul your load via any way you want. However, if you try and take a shortcut the terrain may make you pay. Your wheels can get stuck in the mud, you can roll down the side of a mountain and water can kill your engine! There is a lot of thought that has to go into hauling your stuff. You fail to do this and you will fail time and time again.

I know that I am making this sound like a frustrating experience. However, when you fail it is never unfair. You learn a little each time. You have a nice number of vehicles ranging from 4X4’s to the trucks and they each handle differently. You can purchase upgrades such as new tires, but the upgrade system is a bit strange and items are hidden behind a “level” system which can be a bit annoying.

You can also purchase new vehicles which you probably expected. Even cooler than this is that you can find new vehicles on your travels, save them and add them to your garage. I had as much fun doing this as I did the various missions, I was taking in. The mission system is a bit strange in that to do a side mission you always have to go into the menu to accept it.

The visual presentation is great. Each area looks fantastic and the various vehicles all have a very realistic look to them. The only issue is the camera which can be a bit aggravating when you are driving a truck with a long trailer on it. Sound-wise the game is fine, but nothing really blew me away or was memorable.

I found SnowRunner to be a fun, but challenging experience. I can see some people getting turned off by the difficulty. Those that stick with this though will no doubt find this a very addictive kind of game. If you like trucking games and want one that is going to push you then you are in for a good time with this.

SnowRunner is an off-road simulator in which you are behind the steering wheel of powerful vehicles, driving in harsh environmental conditions. Download, we dare you.
8 Total Score
SnowRunner Review Summary

  • Each location feels different
  • Tons of missions to do
  • Finding vehicles is very exciting
  • Plenty of variety in vehicles
  • It is challenging but fair
  • The camera can be a bit annoying
  • Some might not get past the difficulty
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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