Spintires is a downloadable simulator for the people keen on driving heavy vehicles on forest roads. The gameplay is geared towards simulator fans, wh crave for realism. Prior to its official release, the game was awarded in Intel Level Up 2009 competition, scoring in two categories. For Oovee Game Studios who is responsible for this title, the release of this game was their first commercial success. The game was launched on June 13, 2014, and is available for PCs with Windows.

How to Download Spintires

Spintires can be downloaded from Steam. There is also a free Spintires demo available for download.

What Do I Do in Spintires Exactly?

In Spintires you will have the opportunity to play as a driver of a heavy truck driving the roads and the paths of Russia. The setting of the game is the end of the ’80s and this is when you start your career as a driver. You drive the classic trucks that are icons of the Soviet Union. At your disposal are such classics such as Zili 130 or Ural 4320. Your goal is to accept orders to transport goods from one destination to another. It is important not only to be on time but also the condition in which our cargo will be at the point of destination. As you progress through the game, you will unlock numerous places on the map as well as new truck models. You will also unlock all kinds of gadgets and gear such as vehicle-mounted lighting or various types of tires.

The Game Mechanics

The mechanics and driving physics are true to life. Driving in the game, you can really feel like a big truck driver. The engine in the game (called VeeEngine) guarantees the top graphical experience. Also, the optimization of the game is very well done. The realistic physics and photorealistic graphics significantly improve the immersion of the player.

Another important element is keeping your vehicle in shape. Our truck will require regular servicing and visits to the service station. It will be necessary to choose safe routes that will not damage your vehicle and will be passable. You need to plan well so that you don’t get stuck on the road. The navigation system in the game is very primitive (after all this was the 80s in the 20th century). The only tools that will make your trip easier are the map and the compass. You need to plan routes, keeping in mind the need for refueling remembering the characteristic places on your way. If you get stuck in the mud, it will be necessary to use a winch that will help you to dig our car.

You can enjoy the game alone, going through the single-player campaign or with friends, playing multiplayer. The multiplayer missions play out differently as they require good player cooperation because, for example, one person is responsible for loading and the other for transport. In this mode you will share the responsibilities, controlling different machines and vehicles. The game is a real test of skill.

Spintires is a simulation of heavy Soviet trucks. Download the game and get behind the wheel of Zila or Urala.
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