Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls

Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls is a realistic, video footage based simulator where your main task will be to seduce women. In the game, you will be introduced to everyday situations in which you’ll be able to try different ways to encourage women to go on a date with you. Are you ready to bring your experiences with women to a higher level? If so, reach for the game in which you’ll be instructed by a pickup artist – Richard La Ruina.

How to Download Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls

To download this virtual seduction manual, simply download the game from Steam. It is worth knowing that there are also downloadable DLCs (an audiobook and instructional videos). Here they are.

  • The Natural
  • Bonus Video 1: Realizing Your Value.
  • Bonus Video 2: Daytime Strategy
  • Bonus Video 3: Earning the Kiss
  • Video Bonus 4: Bridging the Gap
  • Bonus Video 5: Nighttime Strategy

You can also buy all these items by downloading the whole bundle called Super Seducer – Supporter’s Edition.

Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls – the Review

Imagine you’re in a cafe, or in an office, or a bar, or maybe you are walking down the street and you see a beautiful girl, only you don’t know how to approach her and what to say to her. Sounds familiar? Your worries might be over as this game will let you check all possible options, and test them during the virtual conversations. In addition, the guru of seduction, the famous PUA (pickup artists) Richard La Ruina will provide you with all the information about what went wrong in your attempts to seduce. This is not ramble talking but methods know to the PUA community and also tried and tested by Richard in the field. Still skeptic? You will be forever if you don’t give it a try.

Richard’s claim is that using the science of psychology of behavior, you will be able to improve your way with women. The video tutorials will also let you avoid mistakes. The game takes you by hand and lets you learn to talk to women in real life using the approach Richard deems the most successful. If you memorize and understand the choices and methods in the game, you’ll be able to apply them in the field as well. So best luck to you.

So if you do not know what to talk about, or perhaps you’re stuck in “friend zone” or just do not know how and when to take the next step, then this game can potentially change your love life forever. It might help if you consider this game to be as any other video course. From the moment you complete Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls, your knowledge about the seduction of women theories (and practice) will definitely increase. The only thing that remains is to check it how it all works for you. Because training makes perfect. Still, the choice is yours. You need to make up your mind if all the methods provided by Richard are ethical, although rest assured that he will not claim these are dirty tricks. In fact, he also explicitly warns you what should not be done.

Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls contains 11 hours of meetings and conversations with women, which can be counted up to  520 choices, and thus many endings. Choose answers in different combinations, keep conversations as long as possible and test your skills. Even if you know the right answer, it’s worth choosing the one that you think is bad – you will see a funny video scene, and then listen to the commentary of the master PUA who says why one should not behave in a given way. So if during a conversation with a woman you once had a crazy thought that you were afraid to put into practice, here you have a sandbox to check all your crazy ideas.

If you say or do something inappropriate, you’ll immediately get a hint from Richard La Ruina himself. Or maybe what you do will turn out to be a hit? Play the game and become a virtual Don Juan.

If you have doubts about the quality of your seduction style, choose Seduction School, where you’ll listen to Richard’s lectures on what works and what doesn’t. La Ruina is now considered by many to be one of the biggest gurus of the world pick-up (and he claims he’s the best), so who knows, maybe there is something in it. But you should be warned that the game has raised much controversy. Which is not surprising. Because of this controversy, Sony has blocked the game’s PS4 release.

In the game, when you make a wrong move the women will let you know by ignoring you, escaping in panic, throwing insults or slapping you. So be happy that you will not make these mistakes in real life anymore. Who knows, maybe with Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls you will become the best PUA there is?

A Book about the Art of Pick-up

Richard La Ruina is also the author of The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want. If you like the game, perhaps you should also look at this work.

Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls
Super Seducer: How to Talk to Girls is a game or a video guide in which the expert pickup artist Richard La Ruina teaches how to impress girls. If you're interested in this topic, check out this title and download it to your hard drive. Is Richard right?
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