The Hunger Games Simulator

Have you watched The Hunger Games movie? This is a young adult science fiction dystopian film that surely must have inspired a lot of battle royale games makers. To cut the matter short – each year kids between 12 and 18 years of age have to fight till death in a large open area until only one of them is alive. Now, if you want to run your own Hunger Games… there are more than a few Hunger Games Simulators out there, but today I am looking at two in particular. These are two of the most popular Hunger Games Simulators out there. The first one is brought to us by Simublast and the other is brought to us by Bransteele. They are similar, but there are differences.

How to Download The Hunger Games Simulator

You don’t need to download anything, just fire the browser – the links can be found upon clicking on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

The Simublast one has a pretty awesome presentation. While you can play as the cast from The Hunger Games movies, they do offer other things to. The basic idea is that you go through each round and the “game” will simulate who the winner is. It is all random and it is pretty cool to see the different outcomes.

While the main reason you would want to play this is to run your own Hunger Games and see who the king of the districts is. This one also offers you to use characters from other universes such as Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. These are cool, but I have found them to be hit or miss if they will actually load, still the idea is pretty awesome so I give them credit for that.

The other Hunger Games Simulator is brought to us by Bransteele and this one is very easy to get to grips with. The roster from the movie is here and I liked how it tells you how each person acts during each day and night until you get a winner, you may think that Katniss will always be the winner, but that is not the case as it is always random.

This one is just based on the actual Hunger Games. However, you can go in and change the participants, but it is rather complicated to do so I did not dabble in this aspect of the game. Still, if you just want to focus on the actual Hunger Games then this is the one for you and also everything worked like it should and I had no problems actually playing it.

Both of these are a bit basic in terms of the overall presentation, but they are fine for a quick little play session. These types of simulators are very popular now and these two are some of the best around. I do think that while the Simublast one has more options for you to mess around with, the Bransteele one is much more stable and easier to jump into.

If you like The Hunger Games then these are well worth playing around with. They are easy to get into and it was pretty cool seeing how the computer would randomize things and you were never really sure which way it would all go down. I was shocked that some of the lamer characters even came out on top sometimes!

The Hunger Games Simulator
The Hunger Games Simulator is a browser game that tries to simulate a battle royale action between 13 districts' tributes. Play now.
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The Hunger Games Simulator Review Summary

  • These are both free to play
  • I liked the random nature of it all
  • One of them lets you do things with stuff other than Hunger Games
  • They are fun and easy to figure out
  • These are two of the most popular
  • The Simublast one does not always work
  • Changing characters in Bransteele is way harder than it should be
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