theHunter Classic

theHunter Classic Classic is a free 3D game designed to offer you a realistic hunting experience. The game was launched in 2009 and since then it has received continual updates which included new maps, animal types, weapon types, graphical refinements, and stability improvements.

How to Download theHunter Classic

Click on the Download button at the end of the review to proceed to the game download. You will be able to get a copy of theHunter Classic for free. If you are looking for more hunting games you should also try theHunter: Call of the Wild.

Large Game World

The game has 11 reserves and more than 44 different species that you can hunt. theHunter Classic has created a very realistic animal behavior, so each animal you attack is unpredictable and it will move in a very different way.

You also have multiple maps to choose from, which include the Austrian Alps, the Australian Outback, and even the Louisiana Swamps. That means you can encounter a variety of environments and animals, and you will require a different approach towards each one of the animals.

A Very Realistic Gameplay

Since theHunter Classic is geared towards realism, it does integrate some of the regular guns you can find in a hunter’s stash. This includes handguns, crossbows and bolt action rifles. In order to further add to the realism offered by this game, it also brings you a huge range of ways to explore the game world.

You can be very loud, something that will help you explore the map fast. But this also means animals will hear you. Or you can go to various hiding spots and choose to harvest your prey if you want to. You are free to choose whatever guns you want, and each one of them can be fully customized to meet your needs and expectations if you want to.

Cooperative Multiplayer

Moreover, theHunter Classic is also focused on multiplayer. It allows you to hunt alongside friends. This means you can create a hunting party and each one of you can have various roles assigned by a team leader. The cooperative experience breathes new life in the game and it does bring in front a very fun way to explore the world. Plus, you get to spot animals a lot easier if you’re on a team.

theHunter Classic Boasts an Extensive Community

This open-world hunting title has a thriving community that can give you hunting tips and which may be able to help you overcome a variety of obstacles in the game. But since the game is free to download and play, there are some limitations. Not all the weapons inside this game are for free, and you only have access to 5 huntable species in the free version. You get access only to a single shot shotgun and a bolt action rifle. However, you can improve your skills and unlock abilities as you play.

theHunter Classic offers everything you need in order to test your skills as a hunter. The hunting experience is unique, and no two games will ever be the same. That’s what makes this game great for people that love hunting in general. And with new content coming all the time, this game delivers a fresh, exciting hunting experience every time. You can become an accomplished hunter, or you can be a beginner that learns how to handle a gun while facing wild animals. There are lots of challenges and rewarding moments in theHunter Classic just waiting for you to explore them!

theHunter Classic
theHunter Classic is a free open world hunting simulator which will let you feel like a real hunter looking for game. Download the game and go after over three dozen different species using a huger arsenal of weapons.
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