Transport Fever

Transport Fever is a downloadable PC transport tycoon game The setting is mid-1800’s where you will be thrust into the revolutionary timeframe to build your transportation empire. You will make your money by building bridges, roads, and tunnels. You will be also integrating boats, planes, and trains that will enable you to connect the towns. The Steam reviews are mostly positive. The title was developed by Urban Games and published by Good Shephard Entertainment.

How to Download Transport Fever

Transport Fever which is a successor of Trains Fever that can be downloaded from Steam.

The Gameplay

In Transport Fever, you will be in charge of mastering the transportation world as you see fit. The way the trains tracks are laid down will be up to you. The path that the planes fly will be also your design. You will have complete control of the routes the transportation world uses, and if they thrive, you’ll benefit by gaining income.

There are over 150 years of transportation history in this game so you will also learn a lot about how this countries transportation industry grew as you build your fortune.

You’ll have to know how to do simple passenger pick up from a civilians house in the city. You will need to develop bus lines that are easy for pedestrians to access. The game is very realistic. You will need to give the trains connections to the buses so that the passenger pickups are smooth and efficient. You will be asked to develop bus lines that stop at all train stations. Transport Fever is so detailed it is addictive. You will even have to coordinate what time each bus leaves so they can be on time to all of their stops. If your timing is off, your bus lines will not work.

You’ll also need to have train tracks built all over the town. You can zoom in to get a closer look if needed. You can even remove buildings that are in the way of development if you have the funds to do so. You’ll also have to develop transportation for cargo like food and clothes. You will need to deliver the cargo where it is needed. There will be produce and plants lined up along your train tracks if you’re smart. In Transport Fever you can create, grow and manage your entire transportation field from the ground up.

Transport Fever
Transport Fever is a tycoon game where the player needs to take care or the transportation infrastructure and make money in the process. Download it now.
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