Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a game made by Brilliant Game Studios. It costs $14.99 and runs well on a windows vista or any later versions of windows. The premise of the game is simple. You can do anything you want. The game has minimal restrictions, so it is possible to build any scenario you would want to play out and see it work seamlessly. The game was released on April 2017.

How to Download Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

You can download the game from  Steam by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. UEBS is not available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch or for mobile systems (Android or iOS).  It’s a pity as the PC version gives you even than the base game by providing mods with LOTR, Star-Wars, Half-Life or Marvel characters.

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The Game Review

The game starts with an image of a dead warrior covered in armor, a sword rooted in the sand and a bloodied helmet. The game provides us with three options. Start game, options, and exit. Once you start the game, you are brought to a screen that lays out the logistics of the battle you are about to create. There is the unit category that allows you to choose characters from different settings.

These include times like ancient Greece, fantasy, medieval, WW2, evil, animals, inanimate, sci-fi, heroes and custom categories. You can choose between the options the game allows in the custom section or you can apply customized modifications if you want to get even more creative. Once the categories have been chosen, you next get to choose what kind of character you want from the selected category.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Units

Medieval Units

  • Footman
  • Cavalry
  • Archer
  • Catapult
  • Heavy Knight
  • Spearman

 Evil Units

  • Zombie
  • Runner zombie
  • Skeleton warrior

Ancient Greece

  • Wildman
  • Roman
  • Persian
  • Spartan


  • S soldier
  • German soldier


  • Orc
  • Giant ogre
  • Dwarf
  • Giant Cyclops


  • Chicken
  • Penguin
  • Tortoise
  • Kangaroo
  • T-Rex

Festive Unit

  • Santa

Inanimate Units

  • Dresser
  • Table


  • Golden Knight
  • Chuck Norris
  • Elven-huntress
  • Soul Tyrant
  • Laser Knight

Science Fiction Units

  • Mech Walker
  • Tornado Trooper

Once you’re done selecting the types of characters you want to be involved in your battle, the quantities of each of these characters are chosen. Larger quantities of characters may not work as well on an older version of your computer, but a newer one can run these effortlessly. You can also give orders to your characters eg. Attack or defend.

You can also set the formations for your characters and the opposing characters will take before the battle. You could choose to surround yourself and battle your way out or surround the other team and see if they can withstand your attack. Once the battle begins you can give orders to your team by pressing the ‘V’ key and then the ‘1’ key. This can bring your unit closer to your character. By pressing ‘5’ you can command your troops to follow you. You can choose to play out spectacular battle sequences as they were done originally or let your imagination run amok.

It’s a fun simulator that allows you to play out battles you want. Another popular use is recreating epic battles that have been fought in real life or in popular films, television shows, and video games.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator
Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a game in which you can create battle of gigantic proportion and observe how different herose clash on battlefields. Download the game and various mods to see why it is so much fun.
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