YouTubers Life

Youtubers Life is a downloadable simulation game in which the assumes the role of a video blogger, who is responsible for creating videos and uploading them to YouTube website. When starting your online career, you will be able to choose the topic you want to address in your videos. The game was developed by the independent Spanish U-Play Online studio, which is known mainly from the series of mobile games such as Swipe Basketball or Striker Soccer. The game was released on February 2, 2017, and is available exclusively on the PCs running Windows.

How to Download Youtubers Life

You can download the game from Steam. To begin the download, click on the button at the end of the Youtubers Life review.

The Storyline

The story told at the beginning is just an introduction to the game mechanics. You learn that with the growing popularity of YouTube and the growth of social media, it is now fashionable to make money by creating and publishing so-called vlogs or video blogs. We are talking here about short movies that are tantamount to the posts written on a classic blog. The player becomes a new media celebrity who tells the story of the beginning of his or her career. With regard to the topic of your video productions, you will be able to choose from sports, video games, food, and lifestyle.

How to Play Youtubers Life

The mechanics of the game are mainly focused on creating and editing videos on YouTube. Your goal is to gradually build your popularity and attract as many fans and subscribers as possible. In addition to creating movie making mechanisms, the devs also have taken care to create a model of the life of an online celebrity. A number of side activities have been added to the game, including partying with friends, going to the cinema, friendship, and romance. At the beginning of your career, you only prepare simple videos. Then by monitoring the reactions of your fans, the number of subscriptions and the thumbs up you will get insights on what topics are popular.

In addition to creating better and better videos, as you progress through the game, you can also do other things. You will improve your internet connection, hire assistants to help, or join a network that brings vlog creators together. Youtubers Life has also a simple skill tree in which, where you unlock for example new movie types such as unboxings. The character creations wizard has also been implemented, and it works much like in The Sims series. You can personalize your avatar by changing clothes, hairstyles or facial features.

YouTubers Life
Youtubers Life is a YouTube celebrity simulator. Choose your vlog theme and create exciting video content. Download the game today.
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