FIFA 14 is a simulation game based on the sports of football which is developed and published by EA Sports. The game was the official sequel to FIFA 13 and was released on 24th September 2013. FIFA 14 features all the major football international and club leagues thereby allowing players to compete against their opponents in a good old-fashioned football game featuring their favorite teams and players.

How to Download FIFA 14

As of the time of writing the earliest FIFA that can be downloaded is FIFA 15. All the official links for the full version of the game or the free demo download return 404. Thus we advise downloading a later edition of the game such as FIFA 18 or FIFA 19.

The Game Review

The game is available to play over a wide range of platforms Android, iOS, Java ME, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Wii, Windows Phone 8, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Starting off at the main menu, the game offers a very wide variety of gameplay in both the multiplayer and single-player versions. First-time players are required to choose a team that they can select and customize which will be saved as part of their default setup.

Coming over to single-player mode, FIFA 14 brings a variety of playable modes including Kick Off, Career mode, co-op friendlies, and offline tournaments. Career mode allows the players to embark on a journey where they get to create and customize their own player and select a league for him to play in.

The player’s character then goes on tour and takes part in different leagues and competitions relating to that team, becoming an eventual superstar throughout the football world. Other competitions such as tournaments and co-op friendlies allow players to compete against the AI or with their friends offline.

Players can select and customize the teams of their choice and then play accordingly. In the multiplayer mode, players can choose to play the seasons mode where they compete against other players. Every time they defeat another player, they gain ranking points which makes them advance to the next level, thereby enabling them to compete with even stronger opponents.

One of the most distinguishable features introduced in FIFA 14 is the Ultimate Team mode where players get to completely create their very own personalized teams, adding international players from different clubs. This customized team can be allowed to compete in online FUT matches and tournaments where players from all around the world gather up with their own custom teams.

This feature applies to the online version as well, allowing them to play in offline matches. Players can earn in-game coins through which, they can further improve their teams by purchasing different international players according to their requirements.

FIFA 14 offers a very wide experience of gameplay. The game features over 60 stadiums, out of which, 32 are based on real-world venues. Apart from that, all the teams from major leagues are included in the game as well as the major tournaments that occur throughout the year, including the renowned FIFA 14 UEFA Champions League.

Overall, FIFA 14 is a very addictive game which features very hefty graphics, along with some very realistic gameplay. It was received very positively by most critics across all platforms. The game modes available, both offline and online, make FIFA 14 worth playing.

FIFA 14 is the twenty-first major installment of the renowned soccer simulation games. Download the latest version and compete with your friends.
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