NBA Live 19

OOne of the longest-running sports game franchises in the world, the downloadable NBA Live 19 is the latest edition in the NBA’s own video game series from Electronic Arts and features improved gameplay, graphics, and simulation over its predecessors while maintaining a lot of the core elements that made those games so popular. A simulation of American basketball, NBA Live 19 is the 22nd game in the long-running NBA Live series of games and the first to feature complex AI systems meant to replicate on the court behaviors of real-life NBA players.

How to Download NBA Live 19

You can download the game for Xbox One or PS4. To start your download click on the link at the end of the review. You can also get a free demo of the game for both platforms. If you like live basketball games be also sure to download and check out NBA 2K19 or the previous installments of the series such as 2K18, 2K17 or 2K16. They are good.

The Game Review

A lot of the gameplay when it comes to a sports simulation game is in how well the game recreates what happens on the court in the video game. In this area, NBA Live games tend to shine and best their competition with improved offense and defense tactics as well as a general tendency to mirror NBA games themselves. As the official NBA basketball game, the Live series of titles often have a lot to live up to in the marketplace and NBA Live 19 does a great job of carrying the torch while also adding to its burden.

The largest improvement that NBA Live 19 has over other games in the series is that the game has gone to greater lengths to refine its artificial intelligence so that player reactions on the court more closely mirror those that would be found in real life though this has resulted in a mixed result. From passing to defensive tactics, this is is a step up from other games but there is still the occasional awkward moment when it seems like no one knows what is going on or the in-game players act stupidly, frustrating your efforts to pull something off in the game.

NBA Reality

Of course, the big draw for any NBA Live game is in its overall representation of the league as well as in how robust its online modes are. In this regard, NBA Live 19 is an excellent game and is likely to keep fans hooked until the release of the next game. Featuring the full complement of NBA teams and rosters, this basketball sim doesn’t shy away from letting players make their own avatar and live the life of an NBA star – albeit virtually.

NBA Live 19 and Female Players

In a controversial though a welcome move for female games of the Live series, NBA Live 19 is the first game in the history of Live to allow for the creation of a female basketball player as your in-game avatar. Somewhat controversial given that the NBA does not allow for female players itself, the game’s inclusion of a female gender option in the player creation is seen as a nod towards female players of the series that may feel left out by the character creation options being male-only.

NBA Live 19
NBA Live 19 is a basketball simulator designed for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Download the full game or the free demo now.
8 Total Score
NBA Live 19 Review Summary

Overall, NBA Live 19 shines when it lets players live out their fantasy of being an NBA player. Though the game prides itself on mirroring reality, these simulation elements often fall short but the overall package is one that is solid and tough to beat.

  • The premier NBA basketball game
  • Full NBA teams and rosters
  • Awesome online community
  • Simulation elements seem rushed
  • Not a lot of improvements graphically over predecessor
  • Online gameplay totally eclipses single-player modes
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