Age of Civilizations II

Developed and published by Łukasz Jakowski Games, the downloadable title Age of Civilizations II bills itself as a grand strategy game that allows for almost unlimited customization when it comes to game types and objectives.

How to Download Age of Civilizations II

Age of Civilizations II which appeared as a Steam download on November 21, 2018, follows the mobile game Age of Civilizations which was released in 2015. To download this very popular sequel click on the Download link below the game review.

The Game Review

A genre of game that is often credited with draining away a gamer’s life is the strategy game. Think Age of Empires, Civilization, and titles like that. These games put you in charge of a tribe that grows into an empire and a nation – or not, depending on your choices and how you play the game.

There are a lot of different approaches to the genre but the most basic one that people often think about is the Civilization turn-based strategy model. Not only is this the most popular but it is also the easiest to understand. More obscure games, employing esoteric mechanics and complex rules, include games like the Europa Universalis series.

Age of Civilizations II occupies an area between these two extremes. It gives you the ease and simplicity of a Civilization game but the depth and intricacy of a Europa Universalis game.

The Gameplay

You can play Age of Civilizations II from tribe to nation-state or you can engage in one of many scenarios. This mirrors the general structure of Civilization titles which also offer you the ability to lead a tribe from the stone age to space or play as a historical leader in one of the scenarios on offer.

Similar to the Europa Universalis series, the game allows you to control even the most obscure nation state or tribe. If you’ve wanted to turn Bessarabia into an empire have at it or if you envision yourself as the leader of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, that is also an option. That’s pretty much the biggest strength of this game: Options.

And that’s what makes it almost endlessly replayable.

The map is detailed with historical borders that changes as history progresses forward. As in other games, relationships with rival civilizations is controlled through an intuitive though complex diplomacy system. You can foment rebellions in your rival’s provinces or you can engage in grand alliances to hem in would-be competitors.

Complementary to all of this is a terrain editor, scenario creator, and a customizable flag option that only adds to the game’s overwhelming number of choices you can make.

Age of Civilizations II: the Graphics

Graphically speaking, the title shares more in common with Europa Universalis than it does Civilization. The aesthetic is serious without being staid and bright colors are used to distinguish between countries more than anything.

The mix is a very middle ground approach that is easy to understand and inviting but also mimics the cumbersome UI of most strategy games developed in Europe.

Age of Civilizations II
Age of Civilizations II is a grand strategy wargame, which means it is a mixture of politics, economy with a military conflict on top. Download it now and become the ultimate conqueror.
8.5 Total Score
Age of Civilizations II Review Summary

An astounding title, Age of Civilizations II gives its inspirations a run for their money and is a must-own game for strategy enthusiasts.

  • Detailed gameplay
  • Amazing customization options
  • Endless replay value
  • Neither Civilization nor Europa Universalis, but something in the middle
  • Difficulty can often be determined as much by what nation you select as anything else
  • Probably won’t appeal to casual fans of strategy games
User Rating: 5 (3 votes)
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