Foxhole is a brutal downloadable battle sim, unlike any other, where bands of brothers form an unbreakable bond stronger than steel. That’s right, in this game, every soldier is an online participant. Meaning, there is no NPC’s insight. Besides, they would only slow us down. The game takes place in a never-ending spiral of conflict — a long and bloody war that’s continuously evolving. As a result, victory, and the spoils which come with it is often short-lived.

How to Download Foxhole

You can download Foxhole from the Steam digital platform. To start, simply mash the button at the end of the review.

The Game Review: Battle-Based Belligerence

History is yours to shape, and the narrative of future generations hangs precariously in the balance.

Although Foxhole is still in the early access phase, there is plenty of potential for this battle-based strategy to blossom. So then, the signs are good going forward. Naturally, the strength of this game lies in the comradery of combatants.

As you unite under one umbrella to fight for a common cause, a sense of acceptance consumes you. After all, those that march into the field of woe together are your deepest friends and closest comrades. Teamwork is the aim of the game, and the feeling that manifests from an ally co-ordinated assault is a powerfully rewarding one. Equally, players will garner just as much satisfaction from defensive duties.

As a combat engineer, your role is to protect the people around you. Mainly, players can achieve this via the development of various structures. Namely, these come in the form of bunkers, barb-wire fences, and sandbag walls. All of which provide a haven against the onslaught of enemy insurgents.

Crucially, there are four main features to this game: weapon production and base building, strategy and combat. The success of these four factors will determine those on the winning side. It may not seem like much, but chipping in with a helping hand helps.

Commitment to the cause and a pledge of allegiance to the war effort is the only way to make it through this slug-fest alive. Rightfully so, it could mean the difference between victory, and an early grave.

As Foxhole is an online-only game, the players build every bullet shell, gun-case, and vehicle. Real players produce practically everything you see on screen. After all, necessity is the mother of all invention, and the war economy is a ruthless means of production.

Another critical role in the game is that of the logistics officer. The jobs of which includes manufacturing items such as rations, guns, and ammo. Then and only then, are stockpiles sent to allied forces or those in desperate need, often under heavy fire.

These supply lines are navigated via vehicles and are one of the most vital duties. Without supplies and rations, the act of war becomes one of attrition. If you can cut off supply chains and drain the enemy of resources, your halfway there.

There are other fun and enjoyable roles to play too, such as the field commander, which entails squad deployment and mission control. Secondly, we have the scouts and special forces. Both of which provide valuable intel and infiltration.

Lastly, the game boasts of an active day and night cycle which adds another layer to combat, and with it, a new level of immersion.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, Foxhole is a game that will appeal to those with a soft spot for battle sims. Furthermore, the joy that comes from working together as a team brings soul and a spirit to proceedings.

Without wishing to finish on a sour note, the game has its flaws. Not everyone in an online game is willing to play ball, most do, but some refuse to pull their weight and jerk around for the hell of it. Ultimately, it means that a likeminded collective is let down by a few rotten eggs willing to spoil the party.

Foxhole is an MMO strategy game in which you wage war viewing the world from a top-down perspective. Download it to take part in the conflict.
8 Total Score
Foxhole Review Summary

  • Comradery provides fulfilment
  • Decent man-management mechanic
  • Large-scale battle scenes
  • Online players can sabotage the experience
  • Minor performance issues
  • Zero NPC’s
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