Frostpunk is a city-builder created by the Polish developer 11 bit studios. In this strategic gem, you will have to ensure that the city survives. To assure the survival of your citizens you will be forced to make difficult moral choices, sacrificing the good of some individuals for the benefit of the public. The game has also strong economic and political layers.

How to Download Frostpunk

You can download the game from both the Steam and platforms. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available on the Windows system. For now, nothing is known about the downloadable version for PS4 or Xbox One. The official price of Frostpunk on the day of its release (April 24, 2018) is $29.99.

The Game Review

In the post-apocalyptic world of Frostpunk, people are dying of cold. The temperatures are extreme, reaching even -40 degrees Fahrenheit. A group of refugees from London crosses the ice-covered sea and finds a frozen and abandoned generator. They decided to settle in this place and create a new city. They use the discovered machine and run it to generate heat.

And heat means life. But to survive, your people also have to work. In addition, you need to manage your available resources shrewdly and to extract raw materials for later use. You, as a city leader, become also a politician who makes promises to everyone and fulfills them by making others work. But be careful. Don’t to promise too much.

In the beginning, the game involves the construction of buildings that are needed for the functioning of the city and survival. They are built in circles surrounding heating producing generator. In these circles, you can also build other buildings that will serve the public. You have to remember, however, that there are some limitations.

For example, the kitchen must be built close to the generator so that people can use it without problems. If it is built too far, people might eat undercooked or even raw food. This poses a danger of illness which may result in death.

There is also a clinic where patients can regain their strength and return to work for the benefit of the public. It is also important to build a kindergarten so that children can be left somewhere while the adults work. An absolute must is to build tents for the settlers so that they can find shelter.

Each newly built building is designed to meet a specific need. If all goes well the survivors are happy and they feel gratitude and hope. This is good because it means that they will be willing to work harder. You should also know that every decision to build something opens a new development path.

The graphics in the game are great. They make you feel the atmosphere of the difficult fight against the cold and you feel the emotions of people who have to experience extreme weather conditions.

11 bit studios to create Frostpunk have relied on their experience from their previous title This War of Mine, in which the players also had to make tough and painful moral choices. Frostpunk is similar in this respect. It is not only a game of survival but also a game about the price you have to pay for it.

Frostpunk is a strategy game in which you build a city to give shelter to people in a world dominated by the deadly cold. Download the game and take care of your society. In Frostpunk, it’s the group which counts, not the fate of individuals.
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