Holyday City: Reloaded

Holyday City: Reloaded is a free strategy game that was produced and released on December 14, 2017, by Holyday Studios. It can be downloaded from the Steam platform. It draws inspirations from such popular titles as SimCity or Monopoly Tycoon, except that it is played exclusively online and is a two-dimensional production.

How to Download Holyday City: Reloaded

You can download Holyday City: Reloaded by clicking the Download button at the end of this review. The game is available for free.

The Game Review

The gameplay consists of developing a virtual city as quickly as possible by buying and improving its infrastructures, such as shops, restaurants, and clubs. The list goes on, your duty is to build various types of public buildings, factories, seaports, laboratories, and airports. By building and developing your urban landscape, you obtain resources, food, and energy. They can increase your efficiency. You also earn money and by doing so you cause your happiness bar to fill up. In addition, the more items in a given category will be purchased, the faster they will generate income. If you reach a certain number of buildings, you will earn a special achievement. Some city upgrades will only be available once you reach a certain level of experience and of course will be much more expensive.

Therefore, as a player, you must demonstrate an ability to plan your investments. How much money each property will generate is determined by various factors, such as the number of stores or factories you have, the time it takes to generating income, the level of your happiness or the number of units you still needed to unlock an achievement.

The graphics in this game are colorful and pleasant to the eyes. It can be said that the audiovisual setting encourages you to become a virtual mayor, who is directly responsible for the future of the city. To play the game, only a mouse is needed, and the interface itself is intuitive. The game settings allows you to make changes that will adjust the gameplay to your needs.  Holyday City: Reloaded saves your progress automatically, although the games lets you make a saves also in any time you choose. Such a solution may prove to be very helpful in the case when you need to stop the game. Thus you will be able to start just where you finished.

Being a virtual mayor, you must take into account many factors, not only those of economic nature but also those related to strategic planning.

The title can be recommended to anyone who likes strategy games in which you are required to invest money. If you like Holyday City: Reloaded, also check out other clicker games, such as AdVenture Capitalist or Clicker Heroes.

Holyday City: Reloaded
Holyday City: Reloaded is a clicker game in which your task is to build a city and make money out of it. Download the game and show that you are a good businessman.
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