Objects in Space

Objects in Space is a retro space game, with a mix of 2D point-and-click stealth action in a surprisingly large and open world. The game was released on PC on the 21st June 2018 and has been developed by Flat Earth Games, a developer known only for their previous titles, Metrocide, and TownCraft. In Objects and Space, the player takes to the stars and must do whatever they can to become one of the best space-faring individuals out there.

How to Download Objects in Space

To download Objects in Space click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game can be downloaded either from Steam or GOG.

The Game Review

Objects in Space is designed not to revolve around one, main story, and instead focuses on a myriad of different short stories that the player can choose to engage in or completely ignore as they so choose. Depending on how the player likes to play their games, Objects in Space will give the player as much or as little story-based content as they wish.

With the game having a very clear point-and-click adventure vibe going on, it should come as no surprise how much of the game revolves around the player clicking at everything they need to interact with. For instance, if there’s something interesting in the distance, like a new character that has been spoken to before, by clicking on them, the player will be able to talk to them/interact with them and see what they have to offer. Not everything in the game is useful immediately, but many objects in the game have their uses.

Outside of purely clicking on different objects to see what they do; the player is also expected to pilot their ship from the main control point. In the early game, it tends to be a decent idea to avoid confrontation, as the ship the player starts off with isn’t the strongest vessel in the world. Instead, they’re expected to explore the solar system, making purchases and trade, up until they can finally afford something a little stronger to take on a few more risks. Although, with Objects in Space, the player is given the option to pretty much do as they please, whether that’s attack and plunder other ships is up to them. By getting into fights with other ships, however, will typically end up in the player’s ship taking some damage, at which point the player is expected to do whatever they can to fix the problem with the resources they have on them – otherwise they risk losing their entire run.

It’s clear from the onset that Objects in Space uses a lot of similar ideas and concepts from the game FTL (Faster Than Light). In FTL, players typically have to make the best of a bad situation and have to take risks as they make it to their objective, and in a lot of instances, some of the decisions in Objects in Space has the same sort of ideas where at times, those hard decisions are going to have to be made.

For anyone that’s looking for a new version of FTL to play, with some interesting mechanics and has a bit of a point-and-click adventure flair to it, then this game is definitely for them.

Objects in Space
Objects in Space is a mix of strategy, action, adventure and stealth. Set in an open world this science fiction title has you as an interstellar trader. Download it now.
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