Project Hospital

Project Hospital is a downloadable managerial simulation game developed and published by Oxymoron Games. The game has recently been released on 30th October 2018 and features an environment where players can choose to be an architect, a doctor, or a manager all at the same time. Project Hospital’s main aim is for the players to build their own hospitals, customize them, and manage all the employees in an effective manner. The game is available to play on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

How to Download Project Hospital

You can download Project Hospital from or Steam. To start, simply click on the Download link which is located below the review. If you like hospital management games you should also have a look at Two Point Hospital from Two Point Studios.

The Game Review

Project Hospital is a single player game which features a campaign and sandbox mode. The sandbox mode is a freestyle environment which allows the player endless hours of gameplay in the sense that they can build anything and everything ranging from small clinics to extra large hospitals.

The sandbox mode does not have any goals or specific tasks that the players need to follow. Rather, it is set in a relaxing environment where they can simply enjoy all the features the game has to offer. Coming over to the campaign mode, Project Hospital features very realistic small tasks that players need to follow in order to progress.

The campaign begins with a tutorial mode where players get to learn the basics after which, they are finally required to build and maintain their own hospitals. The game offers its players to simultaneously perform different roles at once, all related to the hospital. Initially, they have to build their own hospital starting from scratch.

Once that process is complete, they are required to switch to the managerial mode by hiring specialized doctors, nurses, and janitors. The number of employees largely depends on the size and departments included in the hospital.

Finally, they get to play the role of doctors themselves by performing numerous diagnosis and surgeries on their patients.

Project Hospital depicts a very detailed environment for the players to adjust themselves in. This allows the players to have more freedom, particularly when making choices such as hiring the number of staff as well as the departments.

On the other end, it gives more opportunity to the developers who, in turn, can set up more difficult challenges for the players to overcome. The campaign mode puts the players in a series of emergencies where they have to manage their patients accordingly as well as maintain the staff and the foundations of the hospital.

The difficulty levels in the campaign are divided into six challenge levels, each of which is more challenging than the previous one.

Project Hospital
Project Hospital is a strategy game in which you create your own medical facility. Download it to see if you are a successful doctor and manager in one.
9 Total Score
Project Hospital Review Summary

Overall, Project Hospital is the perfect game to play for all the simulator lovers out there. It features the perfect gameplay experience that can truly satisfy the needs of those players who have an interest in having control and managing people and places as per their own requirements.

  • The gameplay is very detailed, which encourages players to take responsibility of every controllable aspect around them
  • Is built on simple graphics structure which in-turn takes up less memory space, enabling it to be played even on outdated systems
  • The game is relatively expensive when compared to its overall performance
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