SpellForce 3

Developed by Grimlore Games and published by THQ Nordic in December 2017, SpellForce 3 is actually the ninth game in the long-running series of real-time strategy and role-playing games. Continuing the story of SpellForce 2, this third game puts you in the role of a hero mage named Tahar as he and his band of cohorts attempt to save the land once again from doom and destruction.

How to Download SpellForce 3

You can download SpellForce 3 from Steam. Watch out also for the 2019 upcoming SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest. To start downloading, click on the button below this review.

The Game Review

It is typical RPG fare in terms of the premise and general aesthetic, but the gameplay mechanics are refreshingly unique and wholly their own thing.

In the previous games, players would be given a central character to control and three companion characters to customize and round out the traditional RPG party. This is much the case in SpellForce 3.

You have a lot of different options when it comes to Tahar the mage but you have to be considerate when it comes to customizing his traveling companions

Because they will accompany you throughout much of the game, you want a good balance between offense and defense that will help Tahar stand out and do his thing but also let him fall back on the AI if he needs to do that.

As you level and quest in the game, you will acquire new items, weapons, jewelry, and armor which can augment Tahar and his companions’ abilities.

From increasing stats to giving special buffs, equipment in SpellForce 3 is just as key as it is in other RPGs but with the added heft of a real-time strategy game. Remember what we said about balancing out your party and the main character? This extends even to equipment and augments which you will find yourself tweaking endlessly.

And for some players, that’s a huge benefit of the game3, but for others, it might seem like micromanagement gone nuts.

A unique and compelling feature of this title that will have many gamers wishing for more is the base construction feature. Like World of Warcraft’s garrisons, these fortress-like creations are made by the player in accordance with in-game narrative objectives.

Think Suikoden meets Minecraft in some ways. You will need to gather resources – and even warriors – to help you overcome certain challenges in the game.

Aside from being unique, it is really well conceived and robust. This isn’t some tacked-on mode made to make the game artificially stand out – it is a fully functional part of the game. Combined with the engaging story, SpellForce 3 is one of the few titles that immediately will remind seasoned gamers of the Suikoden series from Konami, except for better in some ways.

SpellForce 3
SpellForce 3 is a fantastic blend of strategy and RPG. Download it, gather your party and enter a fantasy world for some real-time battles.
8 Total Score
SpellForce 3 Review Summary

The perfect game for the RPG fan that needs something different, SpellForce 3 is a must-play for fans of the genre as well as RPGs that combine real-time strategy elements into their core gameplay.

  • Awesome RPG that combines real-time strategy with traditional role-playing game mechanics
  • Easy to understand though necessarily complex in the end-game
  • Tons of story and lore here to explore
  • If you haven’t played the other games, most of the lore will be nonsense to you
  • A unique but not a perfect game
  • Doing two things at once often results in some sacrifices in terms of what style of game you want to make
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