THE DAY Online

Free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena THE DAY Online from developer and publisher Reloaded Studios is a game featuring a mix of action and strategy spread out over three very different battle arenas. The game attempts to combine an arena shooter, strategy, and MOBA in one package.

How to Download THE DAY Online

THE DAY Online is free and you could download it easily from Steam by clicking the Download button which you will find conveniently placed at the end of this review. Sadly, the game serves are no longer live.

The Game Review – a Unique Genre Blending

Sporting a futuristic science fiction aesthetic, THE DAY Online has a lot of playable characters to select and a variety of player roles. Those roles include Tanker, Warrior, Long Range Dealer, Anti Tanker, and Supporter. Touted by Reloaded Studios as the future of the MOBA genre, this title combines multiple genres into one game and divides these efforts up into the various game modes.

The game currently features two primary gameplay modes – Resource Match and Downtown, a competitive resource collecting and what Reloaded Studios calls a “strategic triggers operation” battle respectively.

The graphics are bright without being overwhelming and should be able to operate smoothly on most systems. In keeping with its science fiction theme, the music is appropriately selected and the sound effects are crisp and clear.

THE DAY Online Game Modes

Players can currently play solo against the AI or play normal, ranked, or custom mode online with other participants. The gameplay is fast paced and intense but not overwhelming – players can select between one of the two character combat modes with a click of the right mouse button.

Unlike other MOBAs there is no mana-pool management in THE DAY Online nor is there any need to build up defenses or enlist minions. THE DAY Online forces players to focus on eliminating opponents, and only that.

This means no resource management nor any need to worry about siphoning out some raw material to continue playing. Players are tasked with achieving their objective and they need to do this using their individual mastery of their selected class. This science fiction game’s emphasis on mastery of a class role places it firmly in the MMO tradition while blending in elements of MOBA games.

Like a raid in World of Warcraft, matches in this MOBA require a certain knowledge of one’s character class and its limits, as well as those of other character classes. THE DAY Online strives to reward this intimate knowledge of the game without making it a prerequisite for enjoyment – hence the elimination of resource management and the pre-game preparations so common to other MOBA games.

Resource battle mode is perhaps the closest to an arena shooter THE DAY Online has while the Downtown mode is pure MOBA action. In the vein of more popular games like Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Survival mode is the most akin to a battle royale style game in this title.

Give its variety of modes, Reloaded Studios has stated a desire to add more and perfect those currently existing in the future. While striving to be a MOBA, THE DAY Online is, in essence, a platform for a variety of genres.

THE DAY Online
THE DAY Online is a free downloadable science fiction mixture of different game genres ranging from action to strategy. Download the game and play in a MOBA, third-person shooter, and battle royale modes.
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