Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

If you’re looking for an exciting crossover between Disney and Pixar characters in the fight for justice, make sure to check out the F2P RPG strategy game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode by PerBlue Entertainment. This downloadable mobile title features stars and heroes from Zootopia, the Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story. Monster Inc. and more.

How to Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

To obtain a copy of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode click on the Download button which is at the end of this mobile game review. The game is available on Android and iOS operating systems and you can download it from Google Play or App Store.

The Game Review 

In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode players will find themselves in Digital City where a virus is going around corrupting everything in its way. You have to protect the city and then you will be rewarded with unlockables to advance the goal of becoming the greatest superhero team. It is then your job to gather the heroes and stand up to the looming force. Level up characters to unlock their full potential and sweep through enemies with ease. Different characters offer different skill sets to the field so players must carefully choose which team coordinates the best.

Each level in the game will present three waves of incoming enemies the player must clear in order to advance. Power is the quantified strength of the team that has been assembled and gives players a general guess to if they have enough to beat the level. Items and power-ups along the way give extra bonuses to the characters apart from leveling up to make them stronger. 

Battles are also automatic as players watch their heroes go to work on the advancing enemies up ahead. While this may give the impression of no strategic focus, well-timed ultimates of characters can change the tide in any battle and gives a more engaging experience. Players, later on, unlock arenas and tournaments to join as well as PVP battles for some change of pace and test themselves among worldwide players.

In order to earn heroes, there are chips that must be collected to assemble and bring out the hero that is desired. The stronger the hero, the more chips you will need. Heroes can be evolved to the next form if badges, part of the items and power-ups that boost hero stats, are all filled up on the hero’s slots. With each upgrade, the hero skill also changes to be more powerful.

One of the most appealing parts of the game has to be its visuals. With well-known characters in fun lovable cartoonish form, the visual appeal itself can be enough to be worth a download. Paired with its simplicity and casual gameplay, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is perfect for any player on the go and provides a variety of things to do outside of the main campaign. Whether it is to collect, power up, be the greatest, or just drop in for its cuteness, be sure to check on iOS or Android while reliving the past favorites and present superstars. Calling all heroes and players to stand up against the evil that is threatening the Digital City.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a mobile game in which is an RPG with action elements. Download it and witness the Disney and Marvel superheroes clash in exciting battles.
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