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Dragon Mania Legends is another smash hit from the folks at Gameloft. Look I am sure you have heard of this very popular social mobile game where you have your own island filled with dragons. Today, I am taking a look at a really cool update that the game is going to be having which is going to make things even more interesting.

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You can download the game for Windows, Android, and iOS. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice,

The Game Review

In case you do not know let me tell you the basics of Dragon Mania Legends. You have to build your own fantasy city on an island and you can hatch and train dragons! This is cool, but you can also put them into battle, make them look cool, and play with friends. There is a real social aspect to the game as is the case with most mobile games.

As is the case with other mobile games, time is the real currency of this. By that I mean pretty much everything takes time, be it hatching a dragon or building something for your city. This kind of thing can turn people off and I am kind of there with you in that regard. The game is packed with microtransactions, but to be fair you do not have to spend a penny to play this which is exactly what I did.

Now, let’s get to this massive update that Dragon Mania Legends is undergoing. If you love collecting your dragons, you will love the four ancient metal dragons that are going to be coming to the game for you to earn. These look so freaking cool, that if you are into this game you will want them all!

They are going all-in with these new metal dragons. A popular game mode that was available in the past was Dragon Dice which is kind of like a board game. Well, this new update is bringing it back and it is heavily themed around the new dragons and fleshing out their personalities which I think is really cool. A special new Dragon Bingo thing is going to be part of this which sounds super cool.

Dragon of the Month is another new aspect that is coming to Dragon Mania Legends. I like the idea of this as they are going to have a special dragon that is based on a classic dragon for you to collect. I am not 100 percent sure how you get these, but it is something that certainly sounds cool.

If you are someone who enjoys mobile games and all the things that come with them then you will like this. You can really build a cool dragon-filled city with this and in all honesty, I think that the microtransactions are no worse than in any other mobile game. I do feel that they are adding a ton of fun and cool content with this update so I can see it being a really big deal.

Dragon Mania Legends
Dragon Mania Legends is a mobile game that lets you have your own pet dragons. Download it now and have fun.
9 Total Score
Dragon Mania Legends Review Summary

  • Dragon Mania Legends is a fun idea
  • You can train and fight with your dragons which is cool
  • The new update is adding in a ton of cool stuff
  • The ancient metal dragons are an awesome idea
  • Dragon Dice is back and better than ever
  • It has many of the traditional trappings of a mobile game
  • Some things take far too long
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