Gacha Life is a very interesting PC and mobile game that requires you to create anime characters and then you will have to explore various areas with them. This is a great dress up experience that allows you to fully customize your character. Not only do you get to choose outfits, but there are also weapons and hairstyles to choose from.

How to Download Gacha Life

The game can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store. To play the game on PC you would need BlueStacks or another Android emulator. And if you’re a fan of this kind of games be sure to also check out and download Gacha Studio and the fantasy-themed RPG Gachaverse.

The Game Review

Basically, you are getting your characters ready for combat and you choose to explore how they play, what experience they have and so on. Gacha Life does a very good job at allowing you a plethora of options. There are hundreds of clothes to choose from, the same with hats and weapons.

Plus, you don’t have to create a single character. Gacha Life allows you to create no less than 20 different characters if you want to. This brings interesting benefits and ideas to the front. You get to explore new options and just have fun with the entire process as you go along. The ability to customize your personal look via changing character eyes, their mouth and hairstyle is great. Not only that, but you get to add poses and accessories too.

Every little detail is thought of and Gacha Life does a very good job at showing you just how many cool things you can do out there. The game is different because not only do you dress up, you also have a life mode with various areas for you to explore. Every new region is fun, unique and designed to help you unlock even more stuff. Then there’s also the fact that you can create sketches, combine scenes and so on.

If you want, Gacha Life also allows you to create stories and that will make the gameplay even more immersive than ever before. Being able to learn more about your characters and also connecting with other people is at the forefront of the game. And it definitely works a lot more than you might imagine. It’s definitely one of the best and most interesting gameplay experiences out there and the results on their own are downright impressive every time.

The locations are beautiful, and even if the game doesn’t really have a story mode, interacting with people and NPCs as well is very good. You still get to have a very good time and the human aspect of the game certainly pushes through.

It’s important to note that you can play mini-games and collect gems. These gems can be used for special gifts as you add them to your own collection. You are always in control of what character you create and what backstory you add to it. Every little detail matters and that’s exactly what you need to consider here. Yes, it’s definitely a challenge to find the best story, but creativity is rewarded in Gacha Life and you are bound to like that a lot.

Gacha Life
Gacha Life is a mobile game that lets you create anime characters and dress them according to your best taste. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Gacha Life Review Summary

  • Create a plethora of anime characters
  • Experiment with clothes, hats, and weapons
  • Design your own sketches in the studio mode
  • No story mode
  • The game can be a bit confusing at times
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