Lords Mobile is an MMORTS game, available on mobile devices for Android and iOS. The game was originally released on the 26th February 2016 and was developed by I Got Games, a developer known for their mobile games, such as Kingdoms Mobile – Total Clash, a similar game to this one. In Lords Mobile, the player is tasked with assembling the greatest kingdom in all of the realm, by producing more and more troops and conquering the world through might and cunning.

How to Download Lords Mobile

You can download Lords Mobile from Google Play Store, App Store or from Amazon to enjoy it on Android or iOS devices. To begin your download click on the Download button at the end of this Lords Mobile review. The install the game and play online. To play the game on PC you would need an emulator such as BlueStacks.

The Game Review

With Lords Mobile being a purely online experience, there is absolutely no story to speak of, as the entire focus is on the online, multiplayer gameplay. Like many MMORTS games, the game tasks the player with acquiring resources and building troops through either battling other players, or simply waiting until those resources replenish on their own. By purchasing more and more troops, a player’s overall power goes up and they become stronger, allowing for them to attack other players around that same level.

Each kingdom has its own set of heroes that can be acquired and leveled up through something called the adventure mode. When troops get sent out on missions, some of these missions are designed to be adventures, where the player will get to witness four of their heroes take on a boss or a series of enemies, but this process is automated. At the end of the adventure, the heroes will gain some experience and can even level up, allowing them to become stronger the more they are used.

Microtransactions show up in this game in a form that is to be expected, and that’s through time-skips. Everything in this game requires a certain amount of time before an action can be taken, whether that be upgrading a building or moving to a certain spot on the map. To skip through this arduous process, the player can purchase an in-game currency to allow for a time-skip when the player makes that decision.

Looking at the game from an aesthetic point of view, the visuals are designed to appeal to players of all ages, as the game features a vast array of colors. All characters in the game have a fantasy-motif to them that make them fun and easy to look at, without ever becoming much of a bore for the player after they’ve played for a while.

An easy comparison to make would be to many other MMORTS games, such as Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, which has much of the same gameplay mechanics and loops that Lords Mobile has, just not quite to the same visuals. Something many other MMORTS games don’t have, though is the adventure mode, something that Lords Mobile appears to have made an original development for.

For fans of the MMORTS genre, Lords Mobile doesn’t add anything new to the table but manages to expand on some of its ideas for an interesting fantasy world, filled with content and players. While the game might be a bit of a grind at times, that’s the sort of thing that might appeal to fans of the genre.

Lords Mobile
Lords Mobile is a free-to-play massively multiplayer real online time strategy game. Download the game and clash with fantasy monsters and players from all around the world.
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