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MrReceipt is a free application designed to aid its users in the task of expense planning and control, done through the management of receipts. The application was released by PanParagon Apps licensed for the year 2020.

How to Download MrReceipt

You can download the app for your iOS or Android-based device from App Store or from Google Play Store. Click on the Download button and make your choice.

The Program Review

Why use MrReceipt?

Receipts are just small pieces of paper that are issued by a vendor as an official statement of purchase. Most of these little chits are easily misplaced, and the receipts for purchases are usually never there when you want them; making it impossible for you to prove a purchase on a later date or even reducing one’s ability to manage their expenses for the month, as no one can realistically keep all their purchases ingrained in their memory for the whole month.

This is where applications such as MrReceipt comes in handy. MrReceipt automates the process of storing all your pesky little bills and receipts, thereby giving you an easier time with managing everything. With all the important data of your valuable purchases automatically logged in, the dire requirement of religiously safeguarding all your receipts is now history.

With one single scan MrReceipt will:

  • Store all necessary data in your receipts

With one scan the application will automatically add in the relevant information to the Electronic Slip: Name of the shop, Price, date of purchase, Serial number of the item.

  • Store information and notify its user about the warranty dates

MrReceipt has the ability to store warranty information about a certain item so the owner no longer has to boggle their minds thinking about its date of expiry. The application will even notify users about upcoming warranty expiration dates.

  • Deal with Expenditure statistics

All information stored is categorized accordingly, thereby giving a detailed report on your expenditure statistics, monthly spendings and where you need to cut down.

  • Deal with returns, claims or complaints.

All of it is stored in one place so nothing will slip your mind.


MrReceipt has a set of key features implemented in its design in an effort to maximize its effectiveness.

Automatic Data Logging

Manually saving your receipt information is a thing of the past as MrReceipt will automatically log all your relevant data (vendor name, date of purchase, price) with a single picture snapped of your receipt.

Organized Information

All your receipt data and spendings are categorized appropriately to enable its users to figure out everything at a glance.


The application will automatically notify its users about upcoming expiration’s of warranty in purchased, reminding you to take proper action before the time runs out.

Total Planning of Expenditure and Expenses

MrReceipt will aid its users in ensuring that, not a single cent will be spent without it getting brushed past them; your expenditure will be analysed and your budget will be planned for the following month as well.

User Comfort

The application is designed as a comfort-choice for the user and so every effort has been taken into ensuring that all relevant information is easily viewable and all specialized features can be easily accessed.

Minor Issues

We have noticed that the scanner does not always work and has a noticeable delay. However, taking into consideration that all OCR processes are done using the device’s camera and not all receipts have the same format, a certain amount of delay and inaccuracy is acceptable.

MrReceipt does not have an export feature that allows its users to export its data to a CSV or Excel format. The application is limited in the fact that the number of tags is limited, so it is unusable for receipts with more than one item.

A receipt cannot have multiple categories and only the total is taken into consideration (items on a list cannot be individually processed, they are taken as a whole using the total price).

Custom categories and certain time periods are not available (limited in customization).

Customer Support

Users can contact the company through their email support system provided in the app’s official site.

Users can also post feedback on the Store’s feedback section( through their respective mobile platforms). The developer team is pretty active and there may be a chance that your query will be answered there.

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The Bottom Line

MrReceipt is a useful application and since its free, there is nothing hindering anyone from trying it out.

Although the software has certain technical issues, it is still under development with an active team working their way through the complications faced in feedback by customers. It can be a lifesaver when organizing your expenses and storing your receipts and since all it requires is a mobile device with an acceptable camera, it is easily accessible to anyone

MrReceipt is an application that lets you scan and store all your receipts. Download it now and get organized.
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