One of the most popular video game formats around is the visual novel, and, in particular, the romantic visual novel. These video games tend to play out in a narrative format where you are given a range of choices in terms of how things play out. While the main focus for a romantic visual novel is, obviously, experiencing some level of romance there are a variety of games out there that are more akin to dating simulators than they are recreations of the great love stories of cinema. My Candy Love falls into the former category, a dating simulator with a visual novel appeal that ropes a player in by crafting a world that arises wholly out of their own choices within the game.

How to Download My Candy Love

To download My Candy Love visit either Google Play or Apple App Store. The game is available as a free download. To begin downloading click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review

Created by Beemoov, My Candy Love is a companion piece to the original work, delivered in French, called Amour Sucre. As an average, everyday schoolgirl named Candy, you will embark upon a romantic quest to find the partner of your dreams while writing your own unique story as you play. One thing that keeps the game interesting is the constant additions to the game made by Beemoov.

As an ever-expanding work, this title never punishes a player for decisions but rather simulates the continuous push forward one would find in real life. This is part of the charm of this dating sim as there is no clear beginning or end nor is there any definite goal. Of course, the customization options don’t start and stop with the narrative itself but also extend to the character of Candy who you can rename and modify her appearance if you need to do that. In addition to that, you can win certain in-game items that you can later use to decorate your room in a nod to in-game trophies popular on many home consoles.

While the ostensible goal is to win over the heart of some local man the player also has the ability to meet other non-player characters and explore the surrounding world. Presented with a depth that is often lacking in most visual novels, My Candy Love offers players endless choice when it comes to learning more about the world in which they are trying to discover love. Recent additions to the game include music and improved sounds while the graphics have always been high quality and genre standard. Other updates to the game formula include University Life additions and other expansions to the game that will put a slight twist on the formula.

The main theme of My Candy Love is replay and exploration and Beemoov has achieved this in a game that has compelling content that also receives regular updates and participation from the community. Though many romantic visual novels have certain markers of achievement they want the player to achieve, My Candy Love abandons this in favor of a format that encourages replay and discovery, two things that have contributed to its large and thriving online community of devoted fans.

My Candy Love
My Candy Love is an example of an otome game which means a title oriented towards women players. Download it and meet a boy of your dreams.
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