My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela is a free downloadable simulator of a cute female kitten Angela. The game begins with the adoption of a little cat, who then grows. In the beginning, the pet should be fed and groomed while the player also plays the mini-games available in the app. This is done to earn coins. You spend the coins in the in-game shop to buy stuff for the pet. Thus you can get new clothes, shoes, or meals.

How to Download My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela can be downloaded for free from Google Play or App Store, as and from Windows Store. You download the game for free, although it is worth remembering that the application offers paid components. They are so-called in-game purchases.

Your Sweet Kitten

The setting of the game consists of several locations: games room, kitchen, dressing room, bathroom, and bedroom. Each of these rooms can be upgraded in the course of the game. You can achieve it by gaining higher levels and earning coins or diamonds. You can renovate and modernize Angela’s apartment. So be sure to take care of your virtual friend and gain levels in the process.

The cat is cute and its main skill is to repeat the words that its owner is speaking. It means that you basically talk to your phone your tablet. The device records your words and plays it back changing the tone so they sound like a cute little Angela speaking. My Talking Angela is a simulator mainly designed for girls who dream about having their own pet. It teaches the child responsibility and what it means to be in charge. After all, the cat needs to be fed several times a day, to bathe, play, and sleep.

Angela’s World

The game looks nice in the graphics department. The authors took care of every detail of the main character and of the environment. For example, in the playroom, you can see a laptop and a nice table. Clicking on a laptop, you can earn coins by playing different games. By clicking on the photo album, you have the opportunity to get the diamonds. This way you will also provide nice memories for your little friend. In the bathroom, you can do a few different things. By clicking on the bath, you have the opportunity to put your cat in the bathtub, cover it with soap and wash it. By clicking on the wash basin, you can change Angela’s hairstyle and make her wash her teeth.

My Talking Angela as an Educational Game

It is important to note that this game can perform several functions. Of course, it’s been designed mainly for entertainment but it is also largely educational. This is because it teaches the child how a well organized day and the daily regime should look like. There should be time for pleasure but also for duties, but also for pleasure. And do not forget about the morning and the evening washing routine.

With this wonderful virtual pet, you can take responsibility for its life and health. You must not forget the obligations that you have toward your pet.

We must note that your cute fluffy pet also has her virtual friend with whom she loves to play. We are talking about Tom, who can be found in a separate application called My Talking Tom.

My Talking Angela
My Talking Angela is a game in which you care for a sweet virtual kitten. Download it today for free and enjoy your time.
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