Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a 3rd person shooter, available on Android and iOS completely for free. The game has been developed by Pixel Unknown and was released onto mobile devices on the 12th August 2017 and has been constantly optimized ever since then. Gameplay has the player running and gunning all over the map, collecting loot, and defeating opponents to ensure that they acquire the victory by the end of the overall round.

How to Download Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

To get your own copy of this free game click on the Download button at the end of the review. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is available in Google PlayStore and in the Apple App Store. If you love battle royale games you should also look to download other great titles like for example Realm Royale.

The Game Review

With Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground being a solely multiplayer experience, there is no concurrent story to speak of. The game starts with having the player jump out of a helicopter into a war-ravaged town, filled with broken buildings, destroyed vehicles, and plenty of loot to pick up. Players are expected to go around, picking up any loot that they consider useful and put it to good use. They can find different weapons, pieces of armor to equip, and ammo scattered across the land to keep themselves well-protected at all times.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground plays a lot like any other Battle Royale game on the market, where the sole goal is to survive until the very end and outlive all other players in the game. To keep things moving at a steady pace, every couple of minutes the circle of play that players can be safe inside begins to shrink more and more, damaging anyone caught outside the circle. This mechanic allows for all the players to keep moving towards each other, and eventually into a firefight of some kind, where bullets end up flying all over the place.

In terms of rewards, by the end of each match – dependant on that player’s success – they will be rewarded with some in-game resources, such as cash. That cash can then be used to purchase new skins for their character, allowing for their own personality to be shown through this new skin.

Visually, the game takes a similar style to the popular game, Minecraft, with its blocky – almost voxel like textures. Everything in the game world is visually designed to look as if it was made solely out of blocks, just like how everything in Minecraft is. With this design choice, it allows for consistency in its style for all of the weapons, locations, and even character skins at all times during gameplay.

The easiest comparison to make for these two games is the one between Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Minecraft. The Minecraft comparison comes from the very obvious blocky-visuals and the gameplay of PUBG is synonymous with the Battle Royale genre at this point, so the two comparisons are quite obvious when you look at the pair of them together.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is clearly designed to appeal to both fans of Minecraft and PUBG but manages to make an interesting combination of the two on mobile devices. While the game isn’t technically the most impressive, for players looking to get that Battle Royale fixed on their mobile, this is the game for them.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground
Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is a mobile battle royale game which is a mix between PUGB and Minecraft. Download this TPS and show the online world who's the blocky boss.
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