Real Car Parking 2: Driving School 2018

Real Car Parking 2: Driving School 2018 is a mobile game for both iOS and Android that offers players a multitude of modes and levels to play with realistic mechanics offering for an intense playthrough at times. Whether it be time trials or missions that incorporate certain objectives, players can choose from a plentiful array of cars to be unlocked and used throughout the many models offering a variety of situations with each.

And unlike the commonalities with all racing games that feature high-speed races and whatnot, a highlight in playing the game is its “real world” driving gameplay. The game puts the player into situations that can be encountered in real life and teaches players certain tips and tricks to get around these scenarios. Overall the game finds its balance between casual and hardcore gameplay depending on the mode for any player to jump in and play.

How to Download Real Car Parking 2: Driving School 2018

The game is available for download from Apple App Store or from Google Play Store. To get a copy click on the Download button at the end of this review. There is also a previous version of the game from 2017 called Real Car Parking: Driving Street 3D which you can also download for free. 

The Game Review 

A game that comes to mind in comparison is the Parking Mania series where the objective is for players to eventually reach the parking space to fit in. More specifically, Real Car Parking 2: Driving School 2018 could be considered a more realistic alternative with its engaging third-person view as opposed to the eagle-eye view found in Parking Mania. The dynamic driving system found in the game with its multiple settings on the car to be handled proves its difficulty to be higher than the drive-fast and straight style of games the genre often encounters. The title lies with the more strategic line of racing/car games found in the genre as its slow-paced style of play fits in with the more technical aspects of how to actually drive a car.

Of course, it has alternative game modes briefly mentioned before that will keep players company if they ever get tired of the real-life simulation. Different game modes with different levels of difficulty ensure that there will always be a variety for any type of player. If the technical driving ever gets too slow, check out the faster face hardcore or hard modes against time and really test your driving skills on the track. The awesome lineup of cars will also have you playing to unlock and drive all of them with the near sensation you would get from professional game titles.

So for anyone looking to add or try out a racing game with fresh new concepts that teach you the realistic sense or driving along with the given fun that a racing game should have, make sure to check out Real Car Parking 2: Driving School 2018 and look forward to its upcoming updates and content for better experience.

Real Car Parking 2: Driving School 2018
Real Car Parking 2: Driving School 2018 is a free mobile downloadable simulator in which you can learn how to park. The game boasts quality graphics with lots of details and an ability to customize your cars. Download it now.
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